USD 45B in­ve­sted in se­cu­ri­ty sec­tor was well spent

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In the spa­ce of two bud­gets, the se­cu­ri­ty sec­tor has re­cei­ved over $45B, and Pre­si­dent Da­vid Gran­ger and Mi­nis­ter of Pu­blic Se­cu­ri­ty Khem­raj Ram­jat­tan are con­vin­ced that the mo­ney has been put to good use.

Both agree howe­ver, that this cru­ci­al sec­tor is in need of mo­re re­sour­ces. Du­ring the re­cent ta­ping of the pro­gram, “The Pu­blic In­te­rest,” They as­ked the Head of Sta­te to say if he is sa­tis­fied with how the bil­li­ons in­ve­sted in­to the sec­tor ha­ve trans­la­ted in­to cri­me figh­ting ef­forts. Gran­ger did not he­si­ta­te to sta­te that he felt the al­lo­ca­ti­ons in­to the sec­tor we­re “in­a­de­qua­te.” In fact, the Pre­si­dent opi­ned, “I would cer­tain­ly li­ke to ha­ve gi­ven the for­ce mo­re.” The Head of Sta­te, who has writ­ten ex­ten­si­ve­ly on na­ti­o­nal se­cu­ri­ty, emp­ha­si­zed that the Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce needs as­sets, be it in the form of mo­re hor­ses and or all-ter­rain ve­hi­cles for wi­der pa­trols in the Ru­pun­uni area. He no­t­ed that the Ru­pun­uni area is big­ger than Costa Ri­ca and is in need of mo­re moun­ted po­li­ce, sin­ce that is whe­re so­me of the nar­co­traf­fic­king is ta­king pla­ce. The Pre­si­dent no­t­ed that the for­ce is al­so in need of air­craft which could ena­ble ef­fec­ti­ve patrol of the na­ti­on’s bor­ders. Gran­ger com­men­ted that ge­ner­al­ly, the Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce needs to be brought up to strength. “Re­gret­ta­bly, so­me po­li­ce of­fi­cers had to be dis­mis­sed for mis­be­ha­vi­our and to the ex­tent that they are re­mo­ved from their day to day du­ties. From No­vem­ber 15, you would ha­ve seen an in­crea­sed de­ploy­ment in po­li­ce men and wo­men… We are using the neigh­bour­hood po­li­ce in a mo­re ag­gres­si­ve way for law en­for­ce­ment…” Over­all, the Pre­si­dent ite­ra­ted that the mo­ney in­ve­sted in­to the sec­tor has been well spent but mo­re is nee­ded. At the sa­me ti­me, Gran­ger emp­ha­si­zed that mo­re is nee­ded of the po­li­ce for­ce. For this rea­son, the Pre­si­dent said that Govern­ment has as­ked the Bri­tish Govern­ment to as­sist with se­cu­ri­ty sec­tor re­form.


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