Dar­ren Shar­per sen­ten­ced to 20 ye­ars in pri­son

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USA - For­mer NFL star Dar­ren Shar­per was sen­ten­ced Tues­day to 20 ye­ars in pri­son for drug­ging and ra­ping two wo­men in Los An­ge­les, cap­ping a ca­se in which the athle­te was ac­cu­sed of at­tac­king mo­re than a do­zen wo­men across the coun­try. Shar­per was sen­ten­ced as part of a plea deal he re­a­ched last year - a “glo­bal re­so­lu­ti­on” that his at­tor­neys said hel­ped re­sol­ve sexu­al as­sault ca­ses fi­led against him in mul­ti­ple sta­tes. “I can on­ly ima­gi­ne my­self ly­ing the­re li­ke a ve­ge­ta­ble whi­le he took ad­van­ta­ge of my bo­dy wit­hout my per­mis­si­on,” one of the vic­tims said in a down­to­wn Los An­ge­les courtroom on Tues­day. “I ha­ve lost eve­ry bit of self con­fi­den­ce I’ve ever had and am al­ways in fear whi­le alo­ne. It doe­sn’t mat­ter whe­ther it’s day or night, I can see a guy and au­to­ma­ti­cally in my head think, ‘What if this guy tries to ra­pe me?’” Su­pe­ri­or Court Jud­ge Mi­chael E. Pas­tor no­t­ed the sta­te­ments she and ano­ther vic­tim ga­ve as he sen­ten­ced Shar­per. “I da­re­say that I can­not speak mo­re elo­quent­ly or pas­si­o­na­te­ly about the hor­ri­ble mis­con­duct of Mr. Shar­per and the un­fa­tho­ma­ble ef­fect he has had on the two al­le­ged vic­tims,” the jud­ge said. “I think their in­di­vi­du­al sta­te­ments speak vo­lu­mes as to this dis­gra­ce­ful abu­se of trust and the be­ha­vi­or of Mr. Shar­per.” Af­ter Los An­ge­les au­tho­ri­ties ar­re­sted Shar­per on sus­pi­ci­on of sexu­al as­sault in Ja­nu­a­ry 2014, wo­men in other ci­ties ca­me for­ward, al­le­ging si­mi­lar at­tacks. The for­mer New Or­leans Saints sa­fe­ty has been con­vic­ted of drug­ging and ra­ping ni­ne wo­men in Los An­ge­les, Ne­va­da, Ari­zo­na and Loui­si­a­na. In Au­gust, a fe­de­ral jud­ge in New Or­leans sen­ten­ced him to mo­re than 18 ye­ars for the at­tacks. The jud­ge said a fe­de­ral pre­sen­ten­cing re­port in­di­ca­ted the­re we­re 16 vic­tims. The sen­ten­ce in Los An­ge­les is to be ser­ved at the sa­me ti­me as others around the coun­try. Shar­per, a fi­ve­ti­me Pro Bow­ler and a Su­per Bowl win­ner who re­ti­red in 2011, went on to work as an ana­lyst for the NFL Net­work un­til his ar­rest in Los An­ge­les. He plea­ded no con­test in March 2015 to the Los An­ge­les char­ges ac­cu­sing him of drug­ging and ra­ping two wo­men. (la­ti­mes)

For­mer NFL sa­fe­ty Dar­ren Shar­per (C) ap­pe­ars in court with his la­wy­ers Li­sa Way­ne (L) and Le­o­nard Le­vi­ne. (Photo: get­ty­ima­ges)

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