Re­tai­lers show litt­le in­te­rest in fire­works

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Re­ports in­di­ca­te that fe­wer re­tai­lers are in­te­rested in sel­ling fire­works this year. Ac­cor­ding to sour­ces, less than 150 re­tai­lers ha­ve re­quested a per­mit to sell fire­works in the ca­pi­tal. The si­tu­a­ti­on is re­por­ted­ly the sa­me in the other dis­tricts be­cau­se of the pre­ca­rious sta­te of the eco­no­my. The im­port of fire­works has al­so drop­ped dras­ti­cally. The of­fi­ces of the di­s­trict com­mis­si­o­ners in Paramaribo each re­cei­ve about 150 re­quests for per­mits eve­ry year. But this year the­re has been a clear drop in the num­ber of re­quests. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that a litt­le over 70 re­quests we­re hand­ed in at the Paramaribo North-East DC’s Of­fi­ce. The DC of Paramaribo South-West, Mi­ke Ner­kust, has re­por­ted­ly re­cei­ved about 70 re­quests. Re­tai­lers poin­ted out that they are not con­vin­ced that pe­o­p­le will buy lots of fire­works this year. They ex­pect that pe­o­p­le will spend their mo­ney on food pro­ducts in­stead of fire­crac­kers. Re­tai­lers in other dis­tricts poin­ted out that they ha­ve no­ti­ced that their cus­to­mers think twi­ce be­fo­re spen­ding their mo­ney.

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