Most wan­ted sus­pect ar­re­sted: Rem­pie in jail

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Mem­bers of the Re­gi­o­nal Sup­port Team (RBT) Paramaribo on Tues­day ma­na­ged to ar­rest a Most Wan­ted sus­pect na­me­ly Ir­ving R ali­as Rem­pie. Rem­pie was wan­ted for ar­med rob­be­ry which took pla­ce at the cor­ner of the La­tour- and Mar­tin Lu­ther King­weg and which is com­mon­ly re­fer­red to as post 1. The sus­pect had ma­na­ged to stay one step ahead of the po­li­ce for the past 4 ye­ars. Rem­pie told in­ves­ti­ga­tors that he was in­vol­ved in a rip deal of about 3 ki­lo­grams of co­cai­ne. When the po­li­ce we­re no­ti­fied that a rob­be­ry had ta­ken pla­ce, mem­bers of the RBT-Paramaribo who we­re in the vi­ci­ni­ty res­pon­ded to the call. They cha­sed the get-away ve­hi­cle and cor­ne­red it at the cor­ner of the Hof­s­traat and the Li­mes­gracht. Rem­pie and ano­ther sus­pect jum­ped out of the ve­hi­cle and fled on foot. The po­li­ce of­fi­cers ma­na­ged to ar­rest Rem­pie af­ter they had fired a few warning shots. Rem­pie con­fes­sed to ha­ving rob­bed drugs from ano­ther man along the Ach­ter­steeg. The vic­tim had re­por­ted­ly re­cog­ni­zed Rem­pie. The se­cond sus­pect re­por­ted­ly went back to the pink get-away ve­hi­cle whi­le the po­li­ce­men we­re cha­sing Rem­pie and fled the sce­ne.

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