Staats­olie: “Dred­ging Su­ri­na­me Ri­ver im­por­tant for fu­tu­re of oil sec­tor”

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The Sta­te Oil Com­pa­ny (Staats­olie) is al­so loo­king for­ward to the day when the dred­ging of the Su­ri­na­me Ri­ver will com­men­ce. The dred­ging of this ri­ver is dee­med es­sen­ti­al for the fu­tu­re of the Su­ri­na­me’s oil sec­tor. Staats­olie poin­ted out that it does not feel obli­ga­ted to co­ver the ex­pen­ses. Staats­olie CEO Ru­dolf Eli­as poin­ted out that Staats­olie is wil­ling to pro­vi­de the ne­ces­sa­ry as­sis­tan­ce if the Sta­te as­ks for it but that the dred­ging ope­ra­ti­on is the Sta­te’s res­pon­si­bi­li­ty. “I do not think that it would cost 20 to 30 mil­li­on US dol­lars. I al­so do not think that it is Staats­olie res­pon­si­bi­li­ty to do it. It is in­fra­struc­tu­ral work. We are pre­pa­red to pre­sent ide­as but it is pri­ma­ri­ly the govern­ment’s task to do that,” said Eli­as who ad­ded that Staats­olie would be cros­sing the li­ne if it we­re to car­ry out the govern­ment’s res­pon­si­bi­li­ties.

Eli­as ex­plai­ned that Staats­olie would sit nei­ther on the chair of the Fi­nan­ce mi­nis­ter nor that of the mi­nis­ter of Pu­blic Works, Trans­port and Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. I ac­tu­al­ly do not know who is res­pon­si­ble for dred­ging ope­ra­ti­ons.” Po­li­ti­cal sour­ces told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that the govern­ment is loo­king for ways of let­ting sta­te com­pa­nies that are in­vol­ved in ship­ping pay the costs. Mo­re spe­ci­fi­cally the govern­ment wants the Ju­les Sed­ney Har­bor, the Ma­ri­ti­me Aut­ho­ri­ty Su­ri­na­me (MAS) and Staats­olie to co­ver the bill.

Eli­as ma­de it clear that the dred­ging ope­ra­ti­on must com­men­ce as soon as pos­si­ble and pre­fe­ra­bly be­fo­re a hu­ge oil re­ser­ve is de­tec­ted off the sho­re of Su­ri­na­me. The pre-ex­ploita­ti­on pha­se al­ways re­qui­res ma­ny ca­pi­tal in­jec­ti­ons and ships will play an im­por­tant role. “If you want to do so­me­thing off­sho­re, you need to re­cei­ve and send boats. You must dred­ge the ri­ver if you want an off­sho­re bu­si­ness. The dee­per you dred­ge, the mo­re bu­si­ness you will get he­re,” said the CEO at Staats­olie.

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