UN chief calls for in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on in­to Sau­di­led stri­ke that kil­led Ye­men child­ren

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YE­MEN - UN Se­cre­ta­ryGe­ne­ral Antó­nio Gu­ter­res has cal­l­ed for an in­de­pen­dent in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on in­to a Sau­di-led co­a­li­ti­on air stri­ke in Ye­men that kil­led do­zens of child­ren. The air­stri­ke on Thurs­day hit a bus car­rying child­ren from a sum­mer camp in a bu­sy mar­ket area in the nor­thern Ma­jz Dis­trict, UN spo­kes­man Farhan Haq said in a sta­te­ment.

Con­dem­ning the at­tack, Gu­ter­res cal­l­ed for “an in­de­pen­dent and prompt in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on” in­to the in­ci­dent, Haq said.

In the sta­te­ment, Gu­ter­res ad­ded that all par­ties must “res­pect their obli­ga­ti­ons un­der in­ter­na­ti­o­nal hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an law, in par­ti­cu­lar the fun­da­men­tal ru­les of dis­tinc­ti­on, pro­por­ti­o­na­li­ty and pre­cau­ti­ons in at­tack.”

Ac­cor­ding to the area’s Hout­hi-con­trol­led He­alth Mi­ni­stry, 50 pe­o­p­le we­re kil­led and 77 in­ju­red in the stri­ke. The In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Com­mit­tee for the Red Cross said a hos­pi­tal it sup­ports in nor­thern Saa­da pro­vin­ce had re­cei­ved 29 bo­dies of “main­ly child­ren” youn­ger than 15, and 40 in­ju­red, in­clu­ding 30 child­ren.

Hout­hi me­dia broad­cast grap­hic foot­a­ge ap­pe­a­ring to show the bo­dies of child­ren. CNN has not in­de­pen­dent­ly ve­ri­fied the­se images.

A vi­deo from

Hout­hi-run Al-Ma­si­rah TV shows se­ve­r­al boys who ap­pear to ha­ve lost their limbs. Two or mo­re woun­ded child­ren are seen sha­ring a sin­gle hos­pi­tal bed, and one child -- soak­ed in blood -- screams as he is being tre­a­ted at a he­alth cen­ter.

In ano­ther vi­deo, which ap­pe­ars to show the im­me­di­a­te af­ter­math of the stri­ke, se­ve­r­al child­ren’s bo­dies lie un­der a blown-up bus. So­me boys are seen re­gai­ning con­scious­ness, their fa­ces bloodied and limbs char­red.

One boy, his fa­ce blac­ke­ned by dust, is seen trying to hold his legs up, ap­pa­rent­ly una­ble to mo­ve. “My leg won’t get up,” he says. The at­tack ca­me a week af­ter a Sau­di-led air­stri­ke hit a bu­sy fish mar­ket and the en­tran­ce to the coun­try’s lar­gest hos­pi­tal, Al-Tha­wra, in the port ci­ty of Hodei­dah, kil­ling 55 ci­vi­lians and woun­ding 170 others.

Sin­ce March 2015, Sau­di Ara­bia has led a co­a­li­ti­on of Gulf sta­tes against Hout­hi re­bels in Nor­thern Ye­men, af­ter the Iran-back­ed re­bels dro­ve out the US-back­ed and proSau­di govern­ment.

The war in Ye­men is now the world’s worst hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an cri­sis, with mo­re than 22 mil­li­on pe­o­p­le -- three-quar­ters of the po­pu­la­ti­on -- in des­pe­ra­te need of aid and pro­tec­ti­on, the UN says. (CNN)

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