Se­ri­al ra­pist sen­ten­ced to 10 ye­ars in pri­son

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Se­ri­al ra­pist Ed­gar J will spend the next ten ye­ars of his li­fe be­hind bars in the sta­te pe­ni­ten­ti­a­ry for the ra­pe of two un­der­a­ge girls and a young wo­man.

Jud­ge Ma­rie Met­ten­d­af poin­ted out that the­re we­re no rea­sons to go lo­wer than the num­ber of ye­ars that had been de­mand­ed by Dis­trict At­tor­ney Reshmi Ra­thi­pal. Ed­gar J was re­por­ted­ly being re­pre­sen­ted in court by de­fen­se at­tor­ney Ge­or­get­te Le­ter.

The vic­tims had each told the court that the de­fen­dant brought them in his car and that he had ra­ped them. He had al­so sto­len the mo­bi­le pho­ne of one of his vic­tims. One of the un­der­a­ge vic­tims wan­ted to run so­me er­rands with her litt­le bro­ther and a nie­ce when the de­fen­dant as­ked them whe­re he could buy coo­king gas cy­lin­ders. They told him that he could go to a sto­re but he in­sisted that they should ac­com­pa­ny him. The girl and the child­ren trusted him and got in­to his car. But he dro­ve to a dark street be­fo­re pul­ling out a gun. He then pla­ced so­me news­pa­pers on the back of the car be­fo­re ra­ping the un­der­a­ge girl. The vic­tim and the child­ren who had in­di­ca­ted whe­re eve­ry­thing had hap­pe­ned re­cog­ni­zed the per­pet­ra­tor when the po­li­ce as­ked them to look at so­me pho­tos.

Ed­gar J clai­med that the girl wan­ted to ha­ve sex. Ano­ther vic­tim ex­plai­ned that she knew the man and that he had gi­ven her SRD 30 in the past so she could buy food. They al­so chat­ted with each other eve­ry now and then. The de­fen­dant had re­por­ted­ly pro­mi­sed to gi­ve the wo­man so­me mo­ney on her bir­th­day. When they met again, he brought her to a dark se­clu­ded pla­ce whe­re he ra­ped her twi­ce.

Ed­gar J clai­med that he was in a re­la­ti­ons­hip with the wo­man. The vic­tim stron­gly de­nied this. He al­so clai­med that the wo­man wan­ted sex the first ti­me but that it was against her will the se­cond ti­me. The vic­tim in­sisted that eve­ry­thing had hap­pe­ned against her will both ti­mes. The third vic­tim who is an un­der­a­ge girl was re­por­ted­ly ra­ped 5 ti­mes. The girl told the court that Ed­gar J of­fe­red her a ri­de eve­ry ti­me af­ter school but that she kept re­fu­sing. On the day that he had his way with her, he of­fe­red her a ri­de again when she was wal­king to a lo­cal sto­re. When she re­fu­sed, he step­ped out of the car and pus­hed her in the car. He re­por­ted­ly ra­ped her at gun­point. The per­pet­ra­tor kept her the en­ti­re night be­fo­re re­lea­sing her along the Su­ral­co­weg. The girl had to catch a bus to lea­ve that lo­ca­ti­on. The jud­ge poin­ted out that ma­ny num­bers of young girls we­re in the pho­ne of Ed­gar J and that she the­re­fo­re as­ked herself if the­re are mo­re vic­tims out the­re who are as­ha­med to tell the po­li­ce what the de­fen­dant has do­ne to them.

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