Taxi dri­ver steals wo­man’s bag

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A taxi dri­ver re­cent­ly sto­le a wo­man’s bag in Paramaribo. The wo­man told the po­li­ce that the bag con­tai­ned her pas­sport, vac­ci­na­ti­on do­cu­ments, re­ceipts and one thou­sand eu­ros. Af­ter the wo­man had ta­ken the taxi, she in­struc­ted the dri­ver to go to a sto­re so that she could do so­me shop­ping.

When the taxi pul­led over in front of the sto­re, the wo­man exi­ted the taxi but left her bag on the back seat be­cau­se she was af­raid of get­ting rob­bed on the street. The wo­man as­ked the taxi dri­ver to wait for her and she en­te­red the sto­re. But when she re­tur­ned out­si­de af­ter a few mi­nu­tes the taxi was go­ne. The wo­man re­a­li­zed that the taxi dri­ver had sto­len her bag. She went to se­ve­r­al lo­ca­ti­ons with the ho­pe of fin­ding the taxi dri­ver but she did not see him. The wo­man told the po­li­ce that she would re­cog­ni­ze the tax dri­ver if she we­re to see him again.

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