Spain to le­vy fi­nes on vi­o­la­tors of fa­ce mask ru­les

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SPAIN ­ Pe­o­p­le who do not wear a fa­ce mask in clo­sed pu­blic are­as will fa­ce fi­nes of up to 100 eu­ros (USD 113), ac­cor­ding to the Spa­nish govern­ment’s draft plans ap­pe­a­ring in se­ve­r­al Spa­nish news­pa­pers on Sa­tur­day. Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Pe­dro San­chez con­fir­med that his ca­bi­net would ap­pro­ve the me­a­su­res to be put in­to ef­fect in Spain when the Sta­te of Alarm and the spe­ci­al lock­down me­a­su­res it con­tains ex­pi­res on Ju­ne 21.

Among the ‘new nor­ma­li­ty’ me­a­su­res are fi­nes for tho­se who don’t wear fa­ce mas­ks in clo­sed pu­blic are­as and out­doors whe­re it is im­pos­si­ble to main­tain a sa­fe dis­tan­ce of two me­ters.

In work­pla­ces, em­ploy­ers will be obli­ged to pro­vi­de ade­qua­te hy­gie­ne and cle­an­li­ness and en­su­re that wor­kers are ab­le to main­tain so­ci­al dis­tan­cing and ha­ve ac­cess to soap, wa­ter, and hand gels. Em­ploy­ers will be re­qui­red to ta­ke me­a­su­res to avoid over­crow­ding.

Si­mi­lar me­a­su­res are to be put in­to pla­ce for schools and edu­ca­ti­o­nal cen­ters. Com­mer­ci­al cen­ters will ha­ve to pay ‘spe­ci­al at­ten­ti­on’ to food mar­kets and com­mon are­as, and li­mit the num­ber of pe­o­p­le al­lo­wed in­to a cen­ter at any one ti­me. (Xin­hua)

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