Chi­na do­na­tes 3rd batch of me­di­cal aid to Sri Lan­ka

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COLOMBO - Chi­na on Wed­nes­day do­na­ted its third batch of me­di­cal aid to Sri Lan­ka to help the coun­try fight the CO­VID­19 vi­rus which has to da­te in­fec­ted over 2,000 pe­o­p­le in the coun­try and cau­sed 11 de­a­ths.

The me­di­cal aid, in­clu­ding 30,000 PCR tes­ting kits, 30,000 dis­po­sa­ble co­ver­alls, 30,000 me­di­cal pro­tec­ti­ve fa­ce mas­ks, 600,000 sur­gi­cal mas­ks, and 30,000 me­di­cal gog­gles, was hand­ed over by char­ge d’af­fai­res of the Chi­ne­se Em­bas­sy to Sri Lan­ka Hu Wei to Sri Lan­ka’s Mi­nis­ter of He­alth Pa­vi­thra Wan­ni­arachchi at a ce­re­mo­ny in ca­pi­tal Colombo. “To­day, it is my gre­at plea­su­re and ho­nor to hand over the la­test batch of the Chi­ne­se govern­ment aid to our dear Sri Lan­kan friends which has be­co­me the main sour­ce for Sri Lan­ka to com­bat the pan­de­mic,” Hu said. In the fight against the CO­VID-19 pan­de­mic, Sri Lan­ka and Chi­na ha­ve suc­ces­sful­ly brought the CO­VID-19 un­der con­trol with three keys -- le­a­der­ship, dis­ci­pli­nes and uni­ty. No sin­gle coun­try can win on its own and the most po­werful we­apons are not mo­ney, equip­ment, GDP, etc but it is so­li­da­ri­ty and coo­p­e­ra­ti­on, said Hu.

On her part, Wan­ni­arachchi re­cal­l­ed the two coun­try’s friends­hip sin­ce an­cient ti­mes.

“That is why when the Chi­ne­se govern­ment was fa­cing the pan­de­mic, Sri Lan­ka de­ci­ded that it will of­fer all its strength and as­sis­tan­ce to the Chi­ne­se govern­ment and its pe­o­p­le,” the mi­nis­ter said. She al­so than­ked Chi­na for do­na­ting me­di­cal aid and equip­ment to Sri Lan­ka to fight the CO­VID­19 pan­de­mic. “Sri Lan­ka will ne­ver for­get the as­sis­tan­ce pro­vi­ded by Chi­na and the help we ha­ve re­cei­ved,” she ad­ded.

Chi­na has al­so pro­vi­ded 175,000 mas­ks to stu­dents across the coun­try and will pro­vi­de ano­ther 100,000 mas­ks to the Elec­ti­ons Com­mis­si­on for the pu­blic he­alth sa­fe­ty du­ring the coun­try’s up­co­ming Par­li­a­men­ta­ry Elec­ti­ons.


Hu Wei (3rd R), char­ge d’af­fai­res of the Chi­ne­se Em­bas­sy to Sri Lan­ka, hands over the list of me­di­cal aid do­na­ted by Chi­na to Sri Lan­ka’s Mi­nis­ter of He­alth Pa­vi­thra Wan­ni­arachchi (4th L) at a hand­over ce­re­mo­ny in Colombo, Sri Lan­ka, Ju­ne 24, 2020.(Photo:Xin­hua)

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