Bou­ter­se wil­ling to step down sooner

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The new ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on which will be run by VHP chair­man Het Chan­dri­ka­persad San­tok­hi will get to work within 3 weeks. Sour­ces from within the cur­rent govern­ment and the new co­a­li­ti­on con­fir­med that Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se is wil­ling to step down one month sooner than is le­gal­ly re­qui­red. Sant­ho­ki ex­plai­ned that the new co­a­li­ti­on wants to start wor­king as soon as pos­si­ble be­cau­se the coun­try’s pro­blems are alar­ming. Du­ring talks with Bou­ter­se it be­ca­me clear that the fi­nan­ci­al pro­blems could re­sult in disas­ter in all of the sec­tors within the na­ti­on’s eco­no­my. The na­ti­on’s fu­tu­re pre­si­dent ex­plai­ned that the coun­try is in a si­tu­a­ti­on of dead­lines with re­gards to the pay­ment of in­te­rest and loans. “All of the­se must hap­pen in the tran­si­ti­o­nal pe­ri­od. Good con­sulta­ti­ons are ta­king pla­ce to de­ter­mi­ne how to ad­dress the is­sue.” The new co­a­li­ti­on has al­rea­dy es­ta­blis­hed a fi­nan­ci­al com­mis­si­on which is bu­sy co­ming up with mo­dels on how to pay all the debts. As soon as the new ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on is in pla­ce, the cri­sis po­li­cy will be laun­ched. The new govern­ment will ta­ke sha­pe net Mon­day with the in­stal­la­ti­on of the new mem­bers of par­li­a­ment.

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