Wron­gly ar­re­sted Black man sues a Ge­or­gia ci­ty and po­li­ce of­fi­cers for ex­ces­si­ve for­ce and in­ju­ry

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USA - A Black man who was slam­med to the ground as he was wron­gly ar­re­sted is suing the Ge­or­gia ci­ty of Val­do­sta and nu­merous Val­do­sta Po­li­ce De­part­ment of­fi­cers for ex­ces­si­ve for­ce and for vi­o­la­ting his ci­vil rights, ac­cor­ding to court do­cu­ments.

In a law­s­uit fi­led Friday in fe­de­ral court, An­to­nio Ar­ne­lo Smith, a Val­do­sta re­si­dent, al­so ac­cu­sed the po­li­ce de­part­ment of il­legal ar­rest, fal­se de­ten­ti­on, as­sault as well as bat­tery and is see­king $700,000 in a sett­le­ment. The ci­ty at­tor­ney was ser­ved with a co­py of the law­s­uit on Mon­day and “the ci­ty has not had ti­me to re­view the do­cu­ment and the­re­fo­re can­not com­ment on the con­tent of the suit,” ac­cor­ding to a VPD sta­te­ment re­lea­sed the sa­me day.

An up­da­ted com­ment had not been is­sued from the ci­ty at­tor­ney as of Thurs­day af­ter­noon. Ash­lyn Jo­hn­son, a spo­kesper­son for the ci­ty of Val­do­sta told CNN she ex­pec­ted a new sta­te­ment to be is­sued Thurs­day night. VPD re­lea­sed a fi­ve­mi­nu­te bo­dy ca­me­ra vi­deo of the in­ci­dent from Ser­ge­ant Bill Whee­ler. Nat­ha­niel Hau­ga­brook II, an at­tor­ney re­pre­sen­ting Smith, sent CNN an 11-mi­nu­te bo­dy ca­me­ra vi­deo from Of­fi­cer Do­mi­nic Hen­ry.

Hau­ga­brook told CNN over the pho­ne Thurs­day that the in­ci­dent on Fe­bru­a­ry 8 be­gan when an em­ploy­ee at the

Wal­greens on North As­h­ley cal­l­ed 911 be­cau­se a man was as­king cus­to­mers for mo­ney at the lo­ca­ti­on. Hau­ga­brook said that af­ter one of­fi­cer ap­pro­a­ched the man in ques­ti­on, ano­ther cus­to­mer told a se­pa­ra­te of­fi­cer that the man who had been ha­ras­sing them had wal­ked down the street. Hau­ga­brook said that his client was down the street when Hen­ry ap­pro­a­ched him and as­ked for his iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on. Smith com­p­lied with the of­fi­cer and hand­ed over his ID. In bo­dy ca­me­ra vi­deo from Hen­ry pro­vi­ded to CNN by Hau­ga­brook, Smith is seen tal­king to the of­fi­cer, tel­ling him that he was at the lo­ca­ti­on for a Wes­tern Union for his sis­ter and they know him.


The man was con­fir­med to ha­ve a bro­ken wrist af­ter the in­ci­dent.(Photo:CNN)

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