“Am­ne­sty for Bou­ter­se was not dis­cus­sed du­ring po­li­ti­cal talks”

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Ron­nie Bruns­wijk (ABOP) and Chan­dri­ka­persad San­tok­hi (VHP), lea­ders of the new co­a­li­ti­on, on Thurs­day ex­plai­ned that the pro­tec­ti­on of cur­rent govern­ment of­fi­ci­als is cur­rent­ly not being dis­cus­sed. It al­so did not co­me up du­ring the talks with Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se who has been pro­se­cu­ted for the De­cem­ber kil­lings of 1982. Bruns­wijk poin­ted out that the gran­ting of cle­m­en­cy and the pos­si­ble amend­ment of the Am­ne­sty Act of 2012 has not been dis­cus­sed. He al­so poin­ted out that the new govern­ment will ad­dress the is­sue when it pops up. “We are not the ju­di­ci­a­ry and we can ne­ver sit on the chair of the ju­di­ci­a­ry,” said Bruns­wijk who ack­now­led­ged that cle­m­en­cy and am­ne­sty are the pre­ro­ga­ti­ves of the govern­ment. He ma­de it clear that pro­tec­ti­on and not being pu­nis­hed we­re ne­ver men­ti­o­ned by Bou­ter­se du­ring the po­li­ti­cal talks re­gar­ding the smooth tran­si­ti­on of po­wer. Ac­cor­ding to Bruns­wijk, such is­sues are cur­rent­ly not re­le­vant. “We tal­ked with the pre­si­dent on ma­ny oc­ca­si­ons but cle­m­en­cy in the De­cem­ber tri­al was ne­ver men­ti­o­ned. We ne­ver tal­ked about that,” said the chair­man of ABOP. One stri­king de­tail is that Bou­ter­se clai­med that this to­pic was in fact dis­cus­sed. The head of sta­te res­pon­ded to sta­te­ments ma­de by San­tok­hi du­ring an in­ter­view with a Dut­ch me­dia hou­se re­gar­ding the ex­tra­di­ti­on of Bou­ter­se. “We tal­ked about that for hours,” said Bou­ter­se

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