San­ta Ro­sa starts 14-day lock­down from Sun­day

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The Tos­hao of Moru­ca has con­fir­med that the of­fi­ci­als in that Re­gi­on One (Ba­ri­ma-Wai­ni) com­mu­ni­ty ha­ve im­ple­men­ted a 14-day lock­down due to the high num­ber of CO­VID-19 ca­ses. It is ex­pec­ted to be­co­me ef­fec­ti­ve Sun­day. Tos­hao Wa­ni­ta Phil­lips sta­ted that the re­si­dents of Moru­ca are ex­pres­sing a ca­re­free at­ti­tu­de to­wards the pan­de­mic and the strict or­ders gi­ven. That area is wor­rying Gu­y­a­na be­cau­se of its ne­ar­ness to Ve­ne­zu­e­la. Thou­sands of Ve­ne­zu­e­lans ha­ve ma­de it in­to Gu­y­a­na using the bor­der area. Phil­lips in­sisted that this is the on­ly way to keep re­si­dents in­si­de for a whi­le.

Among the ma­jor con­cerns are that re­si­dents are not wea­ring fa­ce mas­ks, brea­ching the 6pm-6am cur­few as well as ro­a­ming the roads for non-es­sen­ti­al pur­po­ses. The 14-day lock­down me­a­su­res in­clu­de re­stric­ti­ons on ven­ding which is per­mit­ted within the hours of 8am11am on Mon­days-Fri­days; re­si­dents are on­ly al­lo­wed to go to shops for ne­ces­si­ties du­ring that ti­me; that fa­ce mas­ks are com­pul­s­ory in pu­blic spa­ces and the 6pm6am cur­few will be in full ef­fect. It was fur­ther sta­ted that one car­go boat will be al­lo­wed du­ring the lock­down to dis­tri­bu­te ham­pers to the re­si­dents of Moru­ca. Re­si­dents ha­ve been re­cei­ving ham­pers du­ring the pan­de­mic from the Amer­in­di­an Pe­o­p­le’s As­so­ci­a­ti­on (APA) and other do­nors in­clu­ding the San­ta Ro­sa Fa­mi­ly and Friends or­ga­ni­za­ti­on. Ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 300 ham­pers ha­ve been do­na­ted and mo­re we­re ex­pec­ted to be re­cei­ved this week­end.

(Kai­e­teur News)

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