Mi­sie­ka­ba: “I think I can be sa­tis­fied”

Times of Suriname - - IMOBIEL -

And­re Mi­sie­ka­ba is sa­tis­fied with the work that he has do­ne in par­li­a­ment for the past 10 ye­ars. Mi­sie­ka­ba was the lea­der of the NDP fac­ti­on in par­li­a­ment be­fo­re being ap­poin­ted mi­nis­ter of So­ci­al Af­fairs and hou­sing. For the next fi­ve ye­ars he will re­su­me his work as le­gis­la­tor but this ti­me he will sit on the si­de of the op­po­si­ti­on. The NDP has shrunk with 10 par­li­a­men­ta­ry seats.

Mi­sie­ka­ba ma­de it clear that he is sa­tis­fied with the con­tri­bu­ti­on that he has ma­de to the 10 year run of the Bou­ter­se ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on. “I am hap­py that I had the chan­ce to get the work do­ne,” said Mi­sie­ka­ba as he re­fer­red to his ti­me at the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs and Hou­sing. In the days lea­ding up to the pre­si­den­ti­al elec­ti­on, Mi­sie­ka­ba will be both a mi­nis­ter as well as a le­gis­la­tor. It is ex­pec­ted that Chan­dri­ka­persad San­tok­hi will be elec­ted as the next pre­si­dent of the Re­pu­blic of Su­ri­na­me. Mi­sie­ka­ba poin­ted out that the new ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on can count on his sup­port from the op­po­si­ti­on seats. “I will work in the in­te­rest of Su­ri­na­me. We all want the best from Su­ri­na­me. As long as the govern­ment stays on that path, they will get our sup­port. But when we see that things go wrong, we will turn in­to cri­tics,” said Mi­sie­ka­ba who is al­so the de­pu­ty chair­man of the NDP. The Na­ti­o­nal De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty (NDP) com­me­mo­ra­ted its 33rd an­ni­vers­a­ry on Sa­tur­day. The he­ad­quar­ters of the NDP, OCER, was emp­ty due to the fact that the par­ty lost the ge­ne­ral elec­ti­ons of May 25.

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