Shis­el­weni RA told: don’t med­dle in Lubombo mat­ters

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Shis­el­weni Re­gional Ad­min­is­tra­tor (RA) Themba Ma­suku has been told in no un­cer­tain terms to stop med­dling in mat­ters of the Lubombo re­gion that are not within his ju­ris­dic­tion.

This tran­spired dur­ing a hot worded meet­ing held at Si­moyini on Thurs­day where Ma­suku’s cre­den­tials as the right­ful per­son to con­vene the meet­ing and fur­ther grant per­mis­sion to SWADE to con­tinue with a project they are ques­tion­ing in the area were se­ri­ously ques­tioned.

A res­i­dent, Msibi said the doc­u­ment pro­duced by SWADE and the po­lice signed by Ma­suku proved a bit­ter pill to swal­low for them as they know him as an RA from Shis­el­weni and do not un­der­stand why he is in­volved in a project that touches peo­ple in the Lubombo re­gion.


He said they were also puz­zled that the se­nior prince who is look­ing af­ter the area was also not part of the dis­cus­sions and de­ci­sions per­tain­ing the project.

“It is even the first time that we are see­ing the per­son that signed on our be­half for the project to com­mence.

Even you RA, you are only com­ing to this area for the first time yet you had courage to sign a doc­u­ment giv­ing per­mis­sion to a project that you know noth­ing about to con­tinue.

The Ad­min­is­tra­tion Act of 1950 clearly ar­tic­u­lates how such mat­ters of devel­op­ment should be ad­min­is­trated and the way you have gone about it is not pro­ce­dural,” added Msibi.

Dou­glas Mamba minced no words stat­ing that they do not know Ma­suku in the Lubombo re­gion hence he won­dered if the meet­ing was rightly con­vened by some­one who had no ju­ris­dic­tion in the re­gion.

He asked the RA if it had even hap­pened at Shis­el­weni that an­other RA would just come in to dic­tate terms there.


He urged Ma­suku to leave the meet­ing and re­turn with the Lubombo RA Sylvia Mthethwa whom Ma­suku had in­di­cated was held in other na­tional as­sign­ments.

“Kun­gen­teka kube siy­ati­h­hamula lapha ngoba akusuye RA wetfu lona,” he said as he stressed that the meet­ing could be wrongly con­vened.

He added; “It is con­fus­ing to us how you could is­sue a doc­u­ment di­rect­ing that a project should con­tinue in an area that not un­der your ju­ris­dic­tion.

It is just amaz­ing how you could direct pro­ceed­ings in Lubombo from Shis­el­weni and even send po­lice of­fi­cers with strict in­struc­tions to en­sure that noth­ing and no one dis­turbs the project.

We don’t know you in our area and has our RA sent you to con­vene this meet­ing?”

Du­misa Mamba also told the RA to just leave the meet­ing and re­turn with Mthethwa, their right­ful RA.


Mant­wane Jobe Sikhondze threw in a word of rea­son ad­vis­ing the res­i­dents that even in the med­i­cal field when lo­cal doc­tors fail to find a rem­edy to a cer­tain sick­ness within their ju­ris­dic­tion then an­other doc­tor is im­ported to come and as­sist hence it would be proper to bring in an RA from Shis­el­weni to as­sist in a mat­ter that touches on peo­ple in the Lubombo re­gion.


Ma­suku then chal­lenged the res­i­dents to show him a map that clearly de­mar­cates the bound­aries be­tween the Lubombo and Shis­el­weni re­gions. He said en­gag­ing in bound­aries dis­putes was not for them as res­i­dents, but for RAs and chiefs.

He warned the res­i­dents to choose their words when mak­ing their sub­mis­sions while also alert­ing them that he was not lis­ten­ing to them for him­self, but was rep­re­sent­ing the Swazi gov­ern­ment.

He said there are many devel­op­ment ini­tia­tives in the coun­try that know no bound­aries.

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