...He boasts that he does not use God's pow­ers but su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers he ob­tained from Mozam­bique

Observer on Saturday - - Front Page - By Bodwa Mbingo

Fol­low­ing claims that prom­i­nent pas­tors and prophets of note con­sult tra­di­tional heal­ers to ob­tain su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers to make their con­gre­ga­tions grow and get a lot of of­fer­ings and tithes, a South African tra­di­tional healer-cum-prophet has come out to con­firm such claims.

Hail­ing from Mag­wanga, Ndumo, south-east of KwaZulu-Natal he is only 31 years old, lives an op­u­lent life as he drives top of the range cars, owns a num­ber of taxis and houses around South Africa and he claims that he ob­tained his su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers from Mozam­bique’s pop­u­lar town of de­pend­able tinyanga (tra­di­tional heal­ers), In­ham­bane. Pop­u­larly known as Dr Mkhulu, Mx­olisi Nkomonde claims that he was ini­ti­ated in Mozam­bique to pos­sess su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers, oth­er­wise kwet­fwala known as in ver­nac­u­lar. He boasts that he does not use the Almighty God’s pow­ers in his work, but his own su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers he was given in the form of a short man that he refers to as Mashil­amu, who is very pow­er­ful and shows him the way all the time. He does not re­gret the day he trekked to Mozam­bique to ob­tain the su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers and re­veals that he pays Mashil­amu E40 000 a year, which is money he de­posits into a river that he refers to as a train and then the money goes all the way to In­ham­bane in Mozam­bique.

In an interview with South Africa’s Ukhozi FM’s Lady D on June 20 fol­low­ing an ini­tial story that was car­ried by Ilanga five days ear­lier, Dr Mkhulu said he has five wives to whom he ex­plained every­thing about Mashil­amu when he brought him home for the first time and they are able to live in har­mony. He con­firmed that a lot of pas­tors and prophets come to him to seek pros­per­ity in their churches.

“I have as­sisted a num­ber of pas­tors and prophets who now have lots of money. They still preach be­fore their con­gre­ga­tions as their main aim is to ex­pand their con­gre­ga­tions and be able to make a lot of money through of­fer­ings and tithes. There is also a pas­tor that I am in part­ner­ship with and he has also as­sisted me a lot by show­ing me the way. To show my ap­pre­ci­a­tion for his good work, I have bought him a very nice car,” he said.

When asked why the pas­tor con­tin­ues preach­ing the Word of God yet he is also in­volved in the un­der­world, Nkomonde clar­i­fied that there is a call­ing to preach the Word of God and that there is just a ca­reer in be­ing a pas­tor. He said a lot of peo­ple are just em­ployed as pas­tors and per­form a lot of bad work. He said there are also pas­tors that use (kwet­fwala). the same he re­lies on

He then de­scribed Mashil­amu as some­one who is more hu­man than an an­i­mal as he even drives his BMW X5 on his own, but can scare those that are not used to him.

“Mashil­amu is the one that shows what to do when as­sist­ing my clients. He is hu­man as I speak to him and every­thing he does is done by hu­man be­ings. He tells what to mix when I at­tend to my clients. He likes sweet things, honey to be pre­cise. When he drives around he can­not be stopped by the po­lice and can never get a traf­fic ticket. Be­sides the X5 I also bought him a For­tuner and Leg­end 45,” he said.

While re­veal­ing all this, Nkomonde stated that he does not want young peo­ple to start con­sid­er­ing him as their role model as they could go to ex­tremes just to ob­tain the pow­ers that he pos­sesses. He pointed out that there are var­i­ous kwet­fwala ways of and some come with ex­treme con­se­quences, hence it is im­por­tant that young peo­ple do not get des­per­ate to have ma­te­rial things such that they can go to any lengths just to ob­tain th­ese things.

He re­vealed that he asked thor­oughly from the old man whom he got Mashil­amu from in Mozam­bique to be sure what he was tak­ing with him.

“I asked if Mashil­amu was not go­ing to start eat­ing my children or kill my wives and I was told that would never hap­pen. I can safely say that I get any­thing I want from Mashil­amu with­out any blood be­ing spilt. When I want a car I tell Mashil­amu and I get it. Yes Mahil­amu will even­tu­ally get old and at that stage I will take him back and get a new and young one. In the event I die I want Mashil­amu to re­turn to where I got him from,” he added. Apart from as­sist­ing peo­ple to love the high life, Dr Mkhulu also claimed that he as­sists his clients who are in prob­lems by killing the peo­ple that try to cause anx­i­ety and death in their lives.

RE­VEALED: Dr Mkhulu.

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