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urs­ing stu­dents who are sup­posed to grad­u­ate with the Good Shep­herd Nurs­ing Col­lege are caught be­tween a rock and hard sur­face as the in­sti­tu­tion is now threat­en­ing to im­pose stiff fines for those who re­solve to opt to grad­u­ate in ab­sen­tia.

The nurs­ing stu­dents are now forced to at­tend the grad­u­a­tion or risk pay­ing a hefty fee im­posed on them when they col­lect their cer­tifi­cates and tran­scripts. The col­lege is al­leged to have this early this week de­vised a threat­en­ing strat­egy in an ef­fort to stop a pend­ing em­bar­rass­ment of stu­dents boy­cotting their own grad­u­a­tion.


The nurs­ing stu­dents are al­leged to have been told by the col­lege au­thor­i­ties in no un­cer­tain terms that its ei­ther they pay E350 or grad­u­ate in ab­sen­tia but their tran­scripts and cer­tifi­cates will cost them E1 000 when they col­lect them.

The stu­dents also dis­closed that the in­sti­tu­tion must re­visit the stu­dent’s hand­book they gave them when they were ac­cepted into the in­sti­tu­tion. The out­go­ing stu­dents said the col­lege must not frus­trate them be­cause they still want to con­tinue with their aca­demic life in the field as this is not the end with Good Shep­herd Nurs­ing Col­lege.

The col­lege au­thor­i­ties are said to have been in­fu­ri­ated with the Ob­server on Satur­day’s dis­clo­sure of the col­lege post­pon­ing their grad­u­a­tion, giv­ing dif­fer­ent state­ments to the grad­u­at­ing stu­dents.

The Nurs­ing Col­lege this week is­sued a riot act to the stu­dents af­ter the me­dia dis­clo­sure threat­en­ing the stu­dents with a heavy fine if they dare boy­cott the grad­u­a­tion.

The grad­u­a­tion for the Good Shep­herd Nurs­ing Col­lege is so far slated for Novem­ber 17af­ter be­ing post­poned twice, with con­flict­ing state­ments is­sued by as rea­sons for this.

Nurs­ing stu­dents vowed to boy­cott the grad­u­a­tion claim­ing they are forced to pay E350, and al­leged they have had enough with the in­sti­tu­tion.

The stu­dents said they would rather at­tend the cer­e­mony and use that amount of money with their fam­i­lies at Siteki Ho­tel.

The grad­u­a­tion post­pone­ment, although only jus­ti­fied as due to un­fore­seen cir­cum­stances, it’s al­leged to be due to late sub­mis­sions with the Swazi­land Nurs­ing Coun­cil for the li­cens­ing process.

The hap­haz­ard fir­ing of com­pe­tent of­fi­cers re­sulted in fail­ure to fol­low the pro­ce­dures with the Swazi­land Nurs­ing Coun­cil on sub­mis­sion of names with coun­cil. The in­sti­tu­tion has not stated the real rea­sons of post­pon­ing the grad­u­a­tion three times.

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