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Beauty Ther­a­pists also known as Beau­ti­cians per­form a range of dif­fer­ent skills in­clud­ing han­dling and im­prov­ing our ap­pear­ance and gen­eral well­be­ing.

They say the ser­vices they pro­vide are ab­so­lutely vi­tal in help­ing peo­ple live hap­pier, health­ier lives. So whether it’s ap­ply­ing cos­met­ics, giv­ing fa­cials or ad­min­is­ter­ing mas­sages, no job is too small when it comes to the world of beauty.

So to­day we catch up with Ivis Khu­malo, a renowned beauty Ther­a­pist who wakes up ev­ery day and makes peo­ple’s lives easy by im­prov­ing their ap­pear­ance from man­i­cures, pedi­cures, make- up and rub­downs.

The 30 year hard work­ing lady re­sides in Ezul­wini and her beauty palour is at Sibane Ho­tel.

Shetell­susthaten­joy­sev­erys­in­gle­mo­ment of job and she pas­sion­ate about her job.

“I love what I do es­pe­cially do­ing mas­sages and fa­cials which are re­lax­ing and re­ju­ve­nat­ing to my clients. I dis­like the long work­ing hours and the toll it takes phys­i­cally on my body at times,” she tells L&E.

We meet all kinds peo­ple who mo­ti­vate us or in­spire us in ev­ery job we do, Ivis says there are lot of peo­ple who have had an im­pact in her ca­reer, too many to men­tion but en­trepreneurs who have built sus­tain­able brands in the beauty in­dus­try mo­ti­vate me daily and she as­pires to be like them.

“Se­condly, I have a strong spir­i­tual life which helps me cope un­der pres­sure and stress­ful times. I do not try to com­pete with any­one but rather fo­cus on my work and learn from my mis­takes.

I fell in love with what I do years ago as a teen first do­ing hair and even­tu­ally leaned to­wards skin ther­apy which opened up a lot of op­por­tu­ni­ties for me to study and even­tu­ally work in the in­dus­try.

I have been for­tu­nate enough to be recog­nised for do­ing what I do and feed­ing my brain daily on be­ing a good ther­a­pist and busi­ness­woman.”

As the beauty in­dus­try is al­ways ex­pand­ing, with new treat­ments and tech­nolo­gies reg­u­larly be­ing in­tro­duced, it is im­por­tant to stay on top of these new de­vel­op­ments to en­hance your ca­reer as a beauty ther­a­pist.With­mod­ern­day­commit­mentsit­might prove dif­fi­cult to find the time to at­tend a tra­di­tional course, which is why on­line beauty ther­apy cour­ses are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar. If you have con­sid­ered an on­line beauty ther­apy course then we have put to­gether a list of ten great ben­e­fits of on­line beauty ther­apy cour­ses.

Ivis is al­ways on top of the game, she knows what is trend­ing when it comes man­i­cure and the like. She knows which tech­niques to use when it comes to mas­sages as well.

“There are a lot of newly in­tro­duced tech­niques on man­i­cures, peo­ple now are opt­ing to do their own nails as op­posed to ar­ti­fi­cially done ones.

With pedi­cures I of­fer med heel pedi­cures a chem­i­cal to peel off stub­born cal­luses, corn and dry skin. I also do a paraf­fin wax treat­ment to soften the feet, a must have treat for both males and fe­males.

With skin care there are a lot of prod­ucts

n the mar­ket but fa­cials once monthly are ad­vised, along with kin peels. “I al­ways ad­vise pe­ole to take care of their body first rom the in­side to have glow­ing kin. This means detox­ing reguarly and hav­ing a healthy diet con­ist­ing of fresh vegeta­bles, fruits nd plenty water for hy­dra­tion. A ood skin sup­ple­ment al­ways goes way and pre­vents pre­ma­ture ging,” she ex­plains how she is al­ways up to date. “I read a lot on health is­sues on­line, buy mag­a­zines, and go for beauty re­fresher cour­ses at least once a year,” she adds. Ivis of­fers full body treat­ments like body ex­fo­li­a­tion, wraps, mas­sages, fa­cials, wax­ing, tint­ing as well as man­i­cures and pedi­cures.

Beauty tips...

“Nails should be man­i­cured fort­nightly or monthly and mois­turised of­ten, giv­ing ex­tra at­ten­tion to cu­ti­cles. I have used bio sculp­ture prod­ucts for my clients for over a decade and my clients are happy with the end re­sult. A skin hair and nail sup­ple­ment for brit­tle nails and reg­u­lar Mani’s helps main­tain a healthy nail bed.”

To our read­ers

Read­ers, lis­ten, work­ing in the beauty in­dus­try has many ben­e­fits. Most peo­ple that choose a ca­reer in beauty come from a creative and artis­tic back­ground. The po­ten­tial to cre­ate a flex­i­ble and re­ward­ing life can be ful­filled through these av­enues. There are so many as­pects of what you can do in these fields that you are never lim­ited to how far you want to go. Go for any ca­reer you aspire to be.

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