Flew off the shelves dur­ing the Trade Fair


Just like pic­tures, num­bers too don’t lie; BoSigu­jana were sell­ing like hot fat cakes at the Swazi­land In­ter­na­tional Trade Fair (SITF), with 7 000 of them sold.

This means roughly E17 500 was made dur­ing SIFT that ended on Monday. By buy­ing the set top boxes, one is able to watch Swazi TV, Chan­nel S, TBN and also lis­tens to SBIS and VOC.

Di­rec­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, An­dreas Dlamini from the Min­istry of In­for­ma­tion, Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Tech­nol­ogy (ICT) was ec­static about the sale; “dur­ing SITF’s, roughly 7 000 Set- Top Boxes (Sigu­jana) were sold”.

The set top boxes are still sell­ing at a pro­mo­tional af­ford­able and yet rea­son­able E250.This spe­cial is only for the month of Septem­ber which also hap­pened to be SIFT’s month and Umh­langa ( Reed) dance, bot h at Lozi t ha a nd Shis­el­weni. Ini­tially, es­pe­cially, for one to watch lo­cally brewed tele­vi­sion shows one needed to fork out E500. That is the orig­i­nal price for the set top boxes.

“The pro­mo­tion will last un­til the end of the month as we are wait­ing for the Shis­el­weni Reed Dance,” Dlamini said. Dlamini also re­vealed that the re­sponse of Swazi’s showed that many Swazi could af­ford the pro­mo­tional price. He then en­cour­aged the pub­lic to get them­selves the set top boxes. Min­iste r of I nf or ma­tion, Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Tech­nol­ogy, Dum­sani Ndlangamandla also con­firmed that it had been re­ported to him that about 7 000 of set top boxes were sold dur­ing SIFT.

“They told me that about 7 000 set top boxes were sold. That to me sends a sig­nal that it’s nec­es­sary for us as a min­istry to have a dis­cus­sion be­cause judg­ing by the fig­ures, one would con­clude that Swazi’s wants to own bosigu­jane. The only problem is, the set top boxes are not a c c e s s i bl e , ” Ndlangamandla added.

The min­is­ter fur­ther added that on Friday morn­ing, he in­structed Dlamini to fi­nalise and fur­nished him with a re­port so he can start to ac­tion on it. He added that when buy­ing the set top boxes, tele­vi­sion li­cense fee which is E180 was not and is not in­clu­sive in the orig­i­nal and pro­mo­tional price of the set top boxes.

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