This week, Gciniwe Fakudze – the first per­son to grace the cover of your favourite youth col­umn was un­veiled as new mo­bile telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany Swazi Mo­bile’s Chief Cus­tomer Ex­ec­u­tive.

And as our first cover, we have fol­lowed Fakudze’s moves with keen in­ter­est, and we know that so do many other young peo­ple who look up to her as a role model.

She has made a great move that rep­re­sents a young per­son and what this sec­tion stands for – risk tak­ers who will never fear a chal­lenge!

Gciniwe Fakudze has done what so many of our lead­ers fail to do – which is to chal­lenge them­selves, and aim for what they are pas­sion­ate about! That’s why so many peo­ple are sad and in­ef­fi­cient in life – they aren’t do­ing what they are pas­sion­ate about.

It’s what Fakudze has been able to do – to con­tin­u­ously chal­lenge her­self and sub­se­quently bet­ter her­self as a brand. With this move, she has moved out of her com­fort zone and is look­ing for a chal­lenge. It is what young peo­ple do, they do not fear chal­lenges and that’s why it is of ma­jor im­por­tance to in­volve them if there is any devel­op­ment and pro­gres­sion to take place in a coun­try.

Young peo­ple do not want dull­ness and unimag­i­na­tive ness which is why a 19- year-old Mark Zuck­en­burg came up with a bet­ter form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with Face­book, and why a 19-year-old Kai Kloepfer who is oth­er­wise known as ‘the Mark Zuck­en­burg of guns’ aims to curb gun vi­o­lence by in­vent- ing bio­met­ri­cally-ac­ti­vated firearms.

Her move proves a char­ac­ter with guts and in­sa­tiable am­bi­tion, and this is mo­ti­va­tion to young peo­ple – be­cause if she has done it, then what can stop you? It proves that it’s pos­si­ble for a young per­son to do great things - through per­sist­ing to their goals, and of course work­ing hard to­wards achiev­ing them.

This then leads me to my sec­ond point – she has shown that women, well young women to be pre­cise - are also fear­less and able to take on top ex­ec­u­tive po­si­tions and fur­ther ex­cel in the ex­e­cu­tion of du­ties.

With Gciniwe’s ap­point­ment, she rep­re­sents a new era of women. For so long, there’s al­ways been pol­i­tics to­wards young women in power. With her, there’s none of that. Her hard-work is what has placed her where she is to­day. No one can ever credit her suc­cess to her tribe, re­li­gion, sur­name or any bed­room pol­i­tics - be­cause it is known that she is a de­ter­mined risk­taker, who works hard to achieve what she sets her sights on. She is to our coun­try what Let­tie Pate-White was to the world when she joined Coca-Cola some decades be­fore an amaz­ing Yende women brought me to this earth.

It is no se­cret that de­spite the calls for gen­der-equal­ity in the world, our coun­try – the whole con­ti­nent even, has failed to take ac­tion and give more women pow­er­ful po­si­tions. Even with pro­grammes in First World coun­tries de­signed to en­cour­age women to rise such as flex­i­ble work­ing plans, men­tor­ing schemes, as­sertive­ness cour­ses and di­ver­sity ini­tia­tives and ca­jol­ing of all va­ri­eties, our coun­try is still fall­ing be­hind, as it seems all the at­tempts are in vain.

The only ones who have suc­ceeded in mak­ing it have been those in their late 50s. Those who will not face the calami­ties of rush­ing home af­ter hours to grill steak for the fam­ily din­ner or be late f or an early meet­ing be­cause of ‘is­sues with the nanny’.

Well Gciniwe rep­re­sents the suc­cess of the new era – and the com­plete suc­cess of this era will also call for the bring­ing back of those who have man­aged to bounce back from drop­ping out be­cause of preg­nancy, or those who fell back be­cause of bring­ing up chil­dren. She had stood up for ageism and big-ups to her for that, and of course a big shout out to Swazi Mo­bile as well for trust­ing a young per­son with a top ex­ec­u­tive po­si­tion. We know of oth­ers who have been in ex­is­tence for years and claim to be­lieve in the im­per­a­tive of gen­der equal­ity who have how­ever failed to prove that. (sighs).

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