Hap­pi­ness Is Shar­ing!

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Did you know that the great­est gift you can give to your­self and ev­ery­one around you is car­ing and shar­ing?

Shar­ing in all its forms is a truly pow­er­ful way to bring hap­pi­ness. You can share things that are spe­cial to you like a book, food or even clothes. Or even bet­ter you can share a smile, a spe­cial event in your life, or even your af­fec­tion. But all in all the fact that you shared some­thing with some­one else whether big or small, is truly pro­found! Shar­ing is fun­da­men­tal to the devel­op­ment of all hu­man re­la­tion­ships. We be­gin learn­ing to share as soon as we are able to com­mu­ni­cate. Of­ten it be­gins with our par­ents teach­ing us the im­por­tance of shar­ing a toy with a friend. The great­est joy about shar­ing is the hap­pi­ness oth­ers feel when you have shared with them. Not only does shar­ing bring us joy, it teaches us the im­por­tance of tak­ing care of oth­ers.

Just this past week SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages brought hap­pi­ness to the lives of chil­dren at Eku­l­u­la­meni (St Josephs School). Since SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages has equally com­mit­ted givers and friends who are will­ing to share with them, they also share when they have.

Through a gen­er­ous do­na­tion of clothes and shoes made by EDCON Group of com­pa­nies, which has lo­cal shops such as Jet, Edgars, CNA, SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages shared with these equally vul­ner­a­ble chil­dren at Eku­l­u­la­meni. This do­na­tion was made to SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages and af­ter all the Vil­lage Chil­dren were pro­vided and the do­na­tion dis­trib­uted, the re­main­ing pairs of shoes were shared with Eku­l­u­la­meni. Oh, such joy it brought to the chil­dren there.

As small as the do­na­tion might have been, it al­lowed SOS to see that there was enough abun­dance around to share with the peo­ple around them.

At the end of the day, SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages also thrives by be­ing given hence as Zig Zigler once said “the more peo­ple you can help to get what they want, the eas­ier it will be­come for you to get what you want”.

In this re­gard of bless­ing other chil­dren in need, SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages hopes to be con­tin­u­ously blessed with givers.

For a fact when you com­mit to build re­la­tion­ships and help peo­ple to achieve their goals and dreams. It is al­most like magic be­gins to hap­pen.

You feel re­ally good and the uni­verse re­wards and mirac­u­lously the re­sources, peo­ple and ev­ery­thing you need to suc­ceed seem to show up.

And it is for that rea­son that when there was sur­plus from our bless­ings we also went all out to bless other chil­dren.

While we un­der­stand that some­times we may not have some­thing ma­te­rial to share but in all hon­esty a smile, love and even a com­pli­ment can bring so much hap­pi­ness. For ex­am­ple, “you look so pretty to­day”

These sim­ple words can of­ten make some­one feel spe­cial and cared for, and in re­turn, make the one who said them happy.

Shar­ing is truly a win-win! One of the best things you can share with oth­ers is your own hap­pi­ness. Tell them what made you happy and why. Your story just might in­spire a change in them.

The next time some­thing good hap­pens to you, don’t keep it to your­self. Share it, be­cause just like smil­ing, hap­pi­ness can be con­ta­gious! And we con­tinue to thank those who are the rea­son be­hind the smiles and hap­pi­ness of the Chil­dren at SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages through their gen­er­ous do­na­tions!

And yes we still are ask­ing you to at least share with SOS Chil­dren’s Vil­lages just ONE LILANGENI! This you can do by sim­ple di­al­ing *007*03*04*032# or send through mo­bile money num­ber, 7640

0273 or through the bank with ac­count de­tails, First Na­tional Bank, Ac­count Num­ber: 62372140493 branch code: 280164

Be­cause hap­pi­ness is share­able, share with us to­day!

For more in­for­ma­tion con­tact, Non­to­beko Mbuyane on Non­to­beko.mbuyane@soss­wazi­land.org or call + 26825058471/1/2/3 and visit our face­book page @SOSS­wazi­land and our web­site: www.sos.org.sz

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