Awoman in her early 20s experienced her worst night­mare af t er an ar gu­ment with her younger sis­ter left her dis­abled and she lost her speech.

Ac­cord­ing to im­pec­ca­ble sources, Khom­bisile used a diaper that be­longed to Vuy­isile’s (vic­tim) baby with­out ask­ing her first and upon her re­turn from work on that fate­ful Tues­day evening two weeks ago, the vic­tim ques­tioned her sis­ter about her act.

This mat­ter was con­firmed by the two women’s dis­traught mother, who men­tioned that on the fate­ful day they heard the two ar­gu­ing and thought nothing to it but when voices were raised they went into the room to try and calm them down. “We could hear that they were ar­gu­ing over di­a­pers but then as we heard voices be­ing raised we went into their room and as Vuy­isile was talk­ing she sud­denly fell down head first, and even though her left hand was not mov­ing she was beat­ing her chest with the right hand so fast,” her mother said.

Her older sis­ter sup­ported her mother’s statement, adding that Vuy­isile was not bleed­ing but even though her mouth was closed, her eyes were still open. “She was con­vuls­ing like some­one who is throw­ing a fit, so we quickly called an am­bu­lance that took her to hos­pi­tal,” she said.

She added that they tried to re­sus­ci­tate her by pour­ing her with cold water but in vain while still wait­ing for an am­bu­lance. She re­mained ad­mit­ted in hos­pi­tal for two weeks, with doc­tors do­ing ev­ery­thing in their power to re­store her speech. However, she still can’t use her left hand and can’t walk or stand on her own any­more. “She was dis­charged on Wed­nes­day after doc­tors told us that there is nothing else they can do as all that they thought would bring her back to life failed, so we are back home,” they added. Mlambo is only ex­pected to start speech ther­apy in Mba­bane on Oc­to­ber 9, even though doc­tors are said to have sus­pected that she suf­fered a stroke.

(Pic: Samukelisiwe Ginindza)

Vuy­isile Mlambo lies help­lessly on a sleep­ing mat upon her re­turn from hos­pi­tal where she spent two weeks after doc­tors said she suf­fered a stroke.

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