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Swazi TV Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer (CEO) Bon­gani ‘ S ’ g c o k o s i y a nc a nc a ’ Dla mini has dis­puted claims lev­eled against him by for­mer Act­ing Di­rec­tor Fi­nance a nd Ad­min­is­trati on Ma­hawukela Sime­lane.

“Ngumhlolowami lo,” Dlamini said when he was i nformed about al­le­ga­tions made by Sime­lane t hat he ( Dlamini) made his life a liv­ing hell while at the TV sta­tion.

Clarif yi ng on t he i s s ue, Dlamini said he would be able to pay Sime­lane if he fol­lowed all the pro­ce­dures for any per­son to get paid by t he s t ation.

“I pay money when all t he doc­u­ments f oll ow t he ri ght pro­ce­dure. That is only when I am able to pay one’s salary. If there are other things t hat were non­pro­ce­du­ral, I al­ways in­sist that pro­ce­dure is be fol­lowed,” Dlamini said.

The CEO then went on to add that once the right pro­ce­dures have been fol­lowed it was then go­ing to be de­ter­mined if he was the one to pay Sime­lane’s salary. “A l ot of t hings were not pro­ce­dural there was no I was go­ing to be able to pay his salary,” Dlamini said.

He went on to dis­pute hav­ing in­ter­fered with Sime­lane’s case in court­stat­ing that he had no power to de­lay the court case.

Dlamini said the af­fi­davit he filed in court has all the in­for­ma­tion on t he i s s ue. He s ai d t here are doc­u­ments which he re­quested Sime­lane to fur­nish him with but he failed to do so. He al­leged t hat t he miss­ing doc­u­ments might also be the re­sult of the court not be­ing able to fi­nalise Sime­lane’s pay­ment is­sue. He in­sisted that he never in­ter­fered with court pro­ceed­ings.

He then high­lighted that he had no per­sonal is­sues with Sime­lane as he only wanted i nstru­ments al­low­ing him to pay Sime­lane’s salary.

Ac­cord­ing to the Swazi TV CEO, Sime­lane was sup­posed to be paid by g o v e r nment as he was on sec­ond­ment. He went on to al­lege that t he prob­lem arose when Sime­lane was de­mand­ing a sub­stan­tive salary while Swazi TV was ex­pected to top up his salary by 30per cent.

“Some­one act­ing is some­one de­ployed by gov­ern­ment, so he/ she is e xpect e d to be pai d by g overn­ment,” Dlamini con­cluded.

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