Zoocci Coke Dope’s Morn­ing Star


Good day dear read­ers and wel­come once again to your favourite en­ter­tain­ment col­umn in the land. To­day, we bring to you a re­view of young­ster Zoocci Coke Dope’s Morn­ing Star EP.

Ba­si­cally, with this project, he is in­tro­duc­ing him­self to the game, and lay­ing out his in­ten­tions.

On the first track – which hap­pens to be the ti­tle track, he ba­si­cally has a di­a­logue be­tween him and his con­scious. They ar­gue about his life prob­lems and his am­bi­tion – which is to make mu­sic for a liv­ing. His prob­lems in­clude him spend­ing less time with his mother af­ter the loss of his fa­ther.

“Lately I’ve been chas­ing things that don’t have a price tag/Get my mind right, I’m just try­ing to be a man/I’m get­ting sick and tired of you talk­ing about some cash./This is real sh**t that you never un­der­stand.

I miss my dad/he’s in a grave/he passed away think­ing I was mad at him/there’s many things I wanna tell him./But what about momma/we re­ally los­ing time/I gotta see her some­time, get my mind right.

Mak­ing songs per­fect fin­ing up try­ing to make mu­sic per­fect/ that why I hate go­ing out­side/aint no odds to make things per­fect.

The best line is the last one – what do you do when mu­sic has taken so much away from you/And you’ve come a long way to give up.”

Then the sec­ond track ‘Nice Guy’ - he still on state­ment mak­ing – which is that he is not go­ing to beg for any co-signs.

He is in a bet­ter place and how the mu­sic is fi­nally pay­ing out. He is fi­nally see­ing the re­sults – he is in the game to do what he can!

“I just wanna tell a story/mak­ing money manda- tory/Daddy proud in the coff i n/ momma f amous at t he of­fice/iPhone on si­lent, be­cause all you peo­ple phony. It s long day, light up, My hom­mies say go make a liv­ing, I’m mak­ing a killing, I’m blazing a swishier, Flex with my sis­ter, oh what a feel­ing.”

Get­ting Kid X on the track was also a mas­ter­stroke from the Pre­to­ria-born young man, be­cause X has crazy word-play and he also em­pha­sises that he is also in it to win it with the art.

“Got my pen up, work­ing on a dr e a m to bui l d a man­sion./Outta here paint­ing pic­tures so vivid they don’t need a cap­tion.

Rap Life, but It’s like I got Roc­cafella back­ing me, you aint seen the half of it, no more mis­ter nice guy, put you in the bag, zip it up, take a p***s/be­fore I hop back in the back of it/You in a bet­ter place, some­how I’m still where you rather be./

His next track is ‘ No­body’ where he fea­tures the tal­ented Ginger Trill. He talks about his tu­mul­tuous past and how he has never needed be­cause he had to do ev­ery­thing on his game. Many peo­ple used to un­der­es­ti­mate him and un­der­rate him.

“No­body did me no favours /Now I’m mov­ing and I’m win­ning.” Ginger Trill comes with a swag­ger that re­minds ev­ery­one who he is.

The ‘gawd‘as Trill is af­fec­tion­ately known says ‘I’m top five and no­body can stop my shine/Got shoot­ers in each coast duck down/I’m win­ning stop ly­ing/.Yeah they might be fa­mous, but there not le­git/I’ve been on ev­ery sin­gle mu­sic show, it don’t tell where it ni***s about to.

”Our val­ues dif­fer­ent, yall­don’t re­spect con­sis­tence/I lasted a dis­tance, you can’t co-sign an old timer. I was here when there’s was no chance, was­sup Khuli. You’ve got a bar­ber to see, around here we do not f*** with your team, I only dou­ble cup dou­ble D’s/you’re a storm in a cup of tea, it’s noth­ing to me.”

In our in­ter­view with A Reece, he talked about Zoocci’s work and his beats.

He also men­tioned that he was happy that Zooci was also from Pre­to­ria, mean­ing they were both Pre­to­ria lo­cals and hence was part of the move­ment and we saw this was quite ev­i­dent. Zooci comes first with his verse, talk­ing about fake friends, and how he is in it for the money and not the fame.

“I need new folks/they come and go/my goons they go, if I say so, don’t call me bro, that’s just for sure. Lotta money gotta get it, break­ing records like we Guin­ness.”

Reece comes with a verse that de­scribes their hunger and in­ten­tion, and how they are in it to be ground-break­ers and do­ing things out of the or­di­nary. He is not con­form­ing to any­thing.

“I’m a goat, you’re a fluke and you know, some­times I won­der how the game would be with­out me, I’m a con­spir­acy, a nd c oz of me t hey don’t sleep/kicked the dog when it was down, now I’m back on my feet.”

The last track on the al­bum is ‘Too late’ – he is telling his story to all the rap­pers he used to look up to and lis­ten to. He makes them know that they are now ‘too late’ to do ev­ery­thing – even a co-sign. He fur­ther men­tions his mother again and how she is mo­ti­va­tion and in­spi­ra­tion to him on a daily.

“Momma called me the other day to tell me that she’s proud. Lawd knows I don’t see her very much/Lawd knows how I love very much. I re­ally un­der­stand you, If I was you, I’d be mad too.”

All in all, it’s a great EP from the young­ster, great in­tro­duc­tion to the game – one for the fu­ture – got mad pro­duc­ing skills too!

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