Gover nment, t hr ough Cir­cu­lar Num­ber 2 of 2017, up­graded the salaries of a to­tal of 75 se­nior gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials within the var­i­ous min­istries and cabi­net of­fices at a cost of E2.9 mil­lion.

This is the same cir­cu­lar that re­sulted in the mass protest by civil ser­vants staged on Tues­day where the over 2000 mem­bers of the PublicSec­tor As­soci­tions (PSA) de­liv­ered a pe­ti­tion which gave gov­ern­ment five-day ul­ti­ma­tum to re­verse the salary ad­just­ment cit­ing that it was wrong­fully im­ple­mented as it was done out­side the ap­peal process.

The cir­cu­lar tilted ‘Es­tab­lish­ment cir­cu­lar num­ber 2 of 2017’ which was for cor­rec­tions of var­i­ous cadres’ grade over­laps and gaps was is­sued on Au­gust 6 by the min­istry of pub­lic ser­vice and is ef­fec­tive from April 1, which means the of­fi­cers had to re­ceive back pay.


“Fol­low­ing the new grades dis­pen­sa­tion, gov­ern­ment has recog­nised the chal­lenges in­her­ent in a num­ber of posts rel­a­tiv­i­ties and has deemed it ap­pro­pri­ate to cor­rect the is­suance of this cir­cu­lar,” reads the cir­cu­lar.

The cir­cu­lar has not left out those who had left the ser­vice af­ter the ef­fec­tive date of the cir­cu­lar as they were to be paid up to the last day of ser­vice.

“Of­fi­cers who leave the ser­vice af­ter the ef­fec­tive date of this es­tab­lish­ment cir­cu­lar prior to re­ceiv­ing the pre­scribe salary ad­just­ment shall on ap­pli­ca­tion be paid up to the last day of their ser­vice,” reads part of the cir­cu­lar.

Among the list are 13 am­bas­sadors or high com­mis­sion­ers’ posts which are the high­est paid in the list as they moved from grade F2 to F3 which is E569 646 an­num fol­lowed by 27 un­der­sec­re­taries and four re­gional sec­re­taries who had been up­graded from F1 to F2. The po­si­tion of un­der­sec­re­taries and re­gional of­fi­cers (RO) had been re-graded by the min­istry of pub­lic ser­vice from F1 scale which had been cited as an anom­aly be­cause it ren­dered them earn­ing a sim­i­lar amount as their sub­or­di­nates or less in some cases.

As of this month the ba­sic salaries of the ad­min­is­tra­tion un­der-sec­re­taries in­creased from the an­nual of E462 929 to E550 303 which trans­late to a monthly ba­sic salary of E38 577 to E45 858 which is an in­cre­ment E7 281, while that of the un­der sec­re­taries and schools man­ager in the min­istry of ed­u­ca­tion in­creases from E35 684 to E43 226. Those of re­gional of­fi­cers is ex­pected to in­crease from E17 690 to E38 067.

Deputy direc­tor, deputy sec­re­tary and gen­eral trans­port man­ager are C ivil ADM012 ADM010 ADM016 ADM287 ACC002 MSU002 AUD002 ADM0019 ADM007 ADM023 ADM008 New ADM105 ADM090 ADM030 ADM047 ADM270 CMP032 ACC013 PPC007 ACC015 ser­vice work­ers

also in the same scale with the un­der­sec­re­taries. The deputy gen­eral trans­port has been up­graded from D5 to F1 to­gether with the new post of a hospi­tal chief.

The least paid in the list is the march­ing on the street

se­nior ac­coun­tant which is an up­grade from ac­coun­tant in the Cabi­net of­fice who had moved from C5 to E1.

Nine new posts have been cre­ated by the cir­cu­lar cre­ated of which re­cently .

five are within the min­istry of health while the four are within Cabi­net

Among the newly in­tro­duced po­si­tions in the min­istry of health is that of the hospi­tal chief who has been graded on F1 scale.

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