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Tak­ing ac­tion is es­sen­tial if you want to achieve your goals, dreams, and de­sires. To en­sure that you stay in ac­tion, one of the most im­por­tant qual­i­ties you must de­velop is per­sis­tence.

Dur­ing your jour­ney to greater suc­cess, you will def­i­nitely face hard­ships, and chal­lenges. There’ll make sure that you will want to quit, give up, and go back to do­ing some­thing else. The one qual­ity that will guar­an­tee your suc­cess is the will­ing­ness to stick with it, to see it through to the end, and to refuse to set­tle for any­thing less than your dream. Be will­ing to pay the price. Achiev­ing goals and dreams usu­ally re­quires some level of sac­ri­fice.

It might even mean putting ev­ery­thing in your life on hold in favour of work­ing to­wards your dreams, in­vest­ing all of your sav­ings, or giv­ing up a few hours of sleep each night.

Many peo­ple pro­claim to want to achieve their goals, yet are un­will­ing to pay the price it takes to make their dreams a re­al­ity. How­ever, be­fore you can choose to pay the price, you must know what the price is. If you don’t know what will truly be re­quired to make your dreams a re­al­ity, in­ves­ti­gate what it will take to achieve your de­sired goals.

Re­search the cost other peo­ple have had to pay to achieve dreams sim­i­lar to yours. You may even want to in­ter­view th­ese in­di­vid­u­als to dis­cover the sacri- fices they had to make along the way.

Only then you may find that some costs are more than what you want to pay.

Only you can de­cide what is right for you and what price you are will­ing to pay.

But if the price is some­thing you are will­ing to pay, com­mit your­self to watch­ing your dream, no mat­ter what it takes. The will­ing­ness to do what­ever is re­quired is the magic in­gre­di­ent that helps you per­se­vere in the face of chal­lenges, set­backs, pain, and even per­sonal in­jury. No mat­ter how well you plan and how well you ex­e­cute your plan, you are bound to meet with dis­ap­point­ments, set­backs and fail­ures long the way to your ul­ti­mate tri­umph. Some­times, you will en­counter what seems like over­whelm­ing odds. At other times, the uni­verse will test your com­mit­ment to the goal you’re pur­su­ing. Ad­ver­sity is a greater teacher. It gives you the op­por­tu­nity to de­velop your in­ner re­sources of char­ac­ter and courage, re­quir­ing that you learn new lessons, de­vel­ops new parts of your­self that you never even imag­ined, and helps you make dif­fer­ent in­no­va­tive de­ci­sions.

So, when­ever you con­front an ob­sta­cle or run into a road­block, brain­storm three ways to get around it, over it, or through it, and most im­por­tantly per­sist.

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