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Over the last few years, Na­tional Com­mis­sioner Isaac Magagula has been be­rated as be­ing too old for the po­si­tion he holds and this irks his son who says cur­rent trends see armed forces headed my ma­ture and ex­pe­ri­enced men.

“My fa­ther has over the years been ap­pointed on merit, not favour as he works hard and is up­right,” his son Mduduzi ‘CeeDee’ Magagula says.

He says Their Majesties can­not be bribed in ex­change for a po­si­tion and his fa­ther would not dream of do­ing such.

“Their Majesties are too in­tel­li­gent and in any case, we have never taken gifts to them to ce­ment our fa­ther’s po­si­tion.”

Reit­er­at­ing that he was given the job on merit, ‘CeeDee’ said they were very grate­ful for the trust be­stowed on Magagula.

“To those who keep say­ing he is too old for the job, he has never forced his stay and says he is ready to go any time he gets re­lieved of his du­ties.” He states that the dis­ap­proval on his fa­ther’s age is dis­con­cert­ing in light of the fact that the re­cently de­ceased Bri­gadier Fonono Dube was re­lieved of his du­ties when he was older than the na­tional com­mis­sioner’s age.

He, how­ever, states that the na­tional com­mis­sioner’s exit will only be de­ter­mined by Their Majesties and not by the will of emo­tional peo­ple.

“He took an oath to serve the coun­try and those who vil­ify him; what are they say­ing he should do? Should he be dis­loyal to the coun­try’s au­thor­ity and please them?”

Fir­ing from all cylin­ders, he says it is pa­thetic to see even high-rank­ing gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials who meet Their Majesties but fail to state that the na­tional com­mis­sioner was past his use­ful­ness but have the au­dac­ity to go around sow­ing seeds of doubt where his lead­er­ship is con­cerned.

“Who said he doesn’t want to go home? He is a po­lice of­fi­cer, he took an oath to serve Their Majesties and will die do­ing just that, but not as or­dained by man.”

Re­fer­ring to coun­tries such as Rus­sia, United States of Amer­ica and neigh- bour­ing South Africa, he says all heads of armed forces were ap­pointed and are of ma­ture age.

“It is done by an ap­point­ing au­thor­ity and there is no talk of suc­ces­sion. Was Ria Phiyega a po­lice of­fi­cer prior to be­com­ing Nati onal Pol i c e Com­mis­sioner of the South African Po­lice Ser­vice? Was her deputy ap­pointed suc­ces­sor? Why is my fa­ther then be­ing la­belled as a per­son who does not want to be suc­ceeded?”

He calls for peo­ple to, in­stead of vil­i­fy­ing Magagula, change the laws

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