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Na­tional Com­mis­sioner, Isaac Magagula’s fam­ily do not take kindly to the smear cam­paign whereby he is ac­cused of war­ring with a Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment.

Iden­ti­fy­ing a cer­tain in­di­vid­ual as the po­lice boss’ an­tag­oni s t , Mduduzi ‘ CeeDee’ Magagula sends out a stern warn­ing that he should keep away from his fam­ily as they have no in­ter­est in con­test­ing elec­tions.

“He is go­ing around spread­ing lies. We know of hi s shenani­gans be­cause his peers tell us,” says the younger Magagula.

Re­count­ing how t he a ni mos­ity from the MP started, he says the leg­is­la­tor was ad­vised af­ter the ac­ci­dent which claimed the lives of sev­eral Im­bali about his ir­re­spon­si­ble com­ments which he made whil e bei ng in­ter­viewed by S outh A f r i c an me­dia; “This was done in a po­lite man­ner,

ify­ing Magagula, change the laws through their leg­isla­tive rep­re­sen­ta­tives as ru­mour mon­ger­ing is dam­ag­ing.

He al­leges that the real is­sue is not about age as there are peo­ple who wanted to op­er­ate t heir evil un­abated by Magagula’s lead­er­ship.

To em­pha­sise that the is­sue of age is not pro­nounced, he states that some judges who op­er­ate in lo­cal court­rooms are older than the na­tional com­mis­sioner, yet no­body says any­thing; “As old as Magagula I be­lieve, and he took tion to it.”

He al­leges that the MP then used his priv­i­lege of be­ing in Par­lia­ment and turned on the NatCom by stat­ing that he was too old to be in the po­si­tion he is in.

Things al­legedly came to a head when the MP was ar­rested for al­leged fraud. ex­cep-

“He went around telling peo­ple that the per­son be­hind his ar­rest was Magagula due to his po­lit­i­cal aspi­ra­tion,” the son al­leges.

On the other hand, when the MP in ques­tion was asked about this, he dis­missed it as fic­tional. He stated that he was aware of the rep­u­ta­tion he has of be­ing at l og­ger­heads with the na­tional comm is­sioner and does not lose his sleep over it.

The son says his fa­ther did not even know the peo­ple who com­plained about the MP lead­ing to his ar­rest; “How does he c oncl ude t hat

is, he is not slack­ing and has been do­ing a very good job.”

He warns that the pol­i­tick­ing and spec­u­la­tion that hap­pens be­hind ap­point­ments is dan­ger­ous.

“There are peo­ple en­cour­ag­ing an­i­mos­ity by telling them they are be­ing ear­marked for cer­tain po­si­tions; they are caus­ing dis­cord and should stop talk­ing hog­wash.”

He s ays it would be dis­heart­en­ing if peo­ple who worked as Their Majesties’ ad­vi­sors Magagula knew of his deal­ings and fur­ther en­cour­aged the com­plainant to lay a charge against him? How does he know the peo­ple that he owes enough to en­cour­age them to go to the po­lice?”

He says the com­ment by the MP af­ter his ar­rest to the ef­fect that the in­car­cer­a­tion was po­lit­i­cally mo­ti­vated is in line with the al­leged ru­mour mon­ger­ing which states that they have po­lit­i­cal as­pi­ra­tions.

“My mother does not want to con­test for elec­tions, none of my sib­lings have shown in­cli­na­tion towards want­ing to con­test elec­tions be­cause this is sup­posed to be as per the de­ci­sion of the peo­ple, not as­pir­ing politi­cians do­ing.”

He warns that the MP should know that their home area (name with­held) is not his fief­dom to dic­tate what should hap­pen there.

“My fa­ther tried to ex­tend an olive branch to him and called him for a meet­ing in or­der for their dif­fer­ences to be trashed, in­stead of coun­ter­ing the re­quest with a meet­ing place of his own, he de­cided to ig­nore all in­vi­ta­tions while giv­ing ex­cuses such as he was in mourn­ing af­ter the re­cent death of busi­ness­man Zee­man,” al­leges ‘CeeDee’.

went about talk­ing about peo­ple be­ing con­sid­ered whereas ap­point­ments have not been de­cided.

He warns that those who claim to love the in­sti­tu­tion of the monar­chy but do not want to work with Magagula should check them­selves and re­alise they are not hurt­ing him, but author­i­ties of the coun­try.

“If po­lice of­fi­cers also feel as though he is too old, why don’t they re­sign and look for an­other boss who will suit their pref­er­ences?”

Mduduzi Magagula.

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