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Ev­ery­one loves a good laugh and stand-up com­edy is the one art form that seems to make even the gloomi­est of days turn brighter.

We all need to laugh once in a while, but what about when you laugh your lungs out or laugh un­til your stom­ach hurts, is that still healthy. Yes, yes, yes, it is still healthy; it is said that laugh­ter is the best medicine plus Eng­lish Au­thor, Peter Usti­nov says com­edy is just a funny way of be­ing se­ri­ous and we agree. Com­edy is one way where ev­ery­day life strug­gles are made sim­ply with a bit of hu­mour, this is a plat­form where ev­ery­thing works as a topic and things said and not things that can be re­peated out of the theatre club be­cause they just might have dire con­se­quences.

This week’s is­sue is all about the hi­lar­i­ous funny men who make us laugh when walk onto the stage. The stand-up co­me­di­ans. First off, al­low me to say that be­ing a stand-up co­me­dian is a very tough job. Stand­ing in front of peo­ple is never easy, but stand­ing in front of peo­ple who judge ev­ery­thing you say and ex­pect to laugh ev­ery few sec­onds is much harder.

As a com­edy fa­natic, I find stand-up com­edy fas­ci­nat­ing. Go­ing into this re­search I wanted to know more about the busi­ness es­pe­cially about the co­me­di­ans them­selves. What mo­ti­vates them to be­come co­me­di­ans? Do they have unique per­son­al­i­ties? Are they more in­tel­li­gent than or­di­nary peo­ple? What are the daily lives of co­me­di­ans like? Un­for­tu­nately, there are very few stud­ies that have in­ves­ti­gated the life of co­me­di­ans, maybe be­cause they are con­sid­ered non-se­ri­ous peo­ple to study. For some rea­son, there is much more re­search on other artis­tic and cre­ative groups such as writ­ers, poets, mu­si­cians, ac­tors and dancers all very se­ri­ous peo­ple.

SCENE met up with two of our very own stand up co­me­di­ans who have been do­ing very well for them­selves to dis­cuss all things com­edy. On pages 4-5 Mdura and Dr Shakes speak on their love for com­edy, when it all started and how their fam­ily mem­bers re­acted to them want­ing to pur­sue com­edy as a ca­reer. They share with us high­lights in their ca­reers as stand up co­me­di­ans.

In this is­sue we also get to look back into the his­tory of com­edy so to un­der­stand how it got to where it is now and how it all started. The dif­fer­ent comedic gen­res and the things you are never told about stand up com­edy, so if you are look­ing to do com­edy as a ca­reer choice, you bet­ter read on to page 2 and 3.

To all com­edy lovers, en­joy and to all as­pir­ing co­me­di­ans, all the best. Un­til next time.

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