It was found tucked in a cave un­der rocks where the mur­der sus­pect hus­band hid it

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PO­LICE were led to a cave in a bush, where the hus­band to the woman who was found beheaded showed them the miss­ing head.

Muzi Khu­malo led the po­lice to all the scenes where the ev­i­dence they were look­ing for with re­gard to the mur­der of his wife, Gcinile Ceb’sile Mh­langa was col­lected.

Be­fore lead­ing the po­lice to a hill near Mehlwabovu, where the head was hid­den, Khu­malo led them to his home. He took them to the shal­low grave where he had buried her body be­fore dig­ging out itand dumped it far away in the bush.

Po­lice needed to re­trieve other ma­te­rial from the grave which had been (li­cansi) used and a grass­mat as well as a bed sheet which were some of the items found.

The grave, dug a short dis­tance from the home­stead, was only about 70 me­tre deep.

Po­lice also picked soil thick­ened with blood which is a sam­ple to be used prob­a­bly as ev­i­dence in court.

Af­ter all needed ev­i­dence was gath­ered from the grave, Muzi then led the po­lice to the house where he al­legedly killed his wife.

The axe, which he al­legedly used in be­head­ing his wife, was found in the house. Other tools taken by the po­lice in­cluded a hand­pick, spade as well as a bush-knife.

From the home­stead, Muzi then led the po­lice to the hill at Mehlwabovu where he showed them two sacks (emasaka)

which were stuffed un­der a rock.

Th­ese he used when car­ry­ing the body to dump in the bush, a dis­tance of al­most 2km away from the home­stead. Fi­nally, Muzi showed the po­lice the ‘cave’ where he had hid­den the head. It was found un­der huge rocks and tucked right there.

It is said the man, who is the prime sus­pect in the mur­der of his wife, seemed to have planned well in ad­vance how he was go­ing to get rid of his wife.


Khu­malo bor­rowed tools, in­clud­ing a hand-pick and ham­mer from his neigh­bours while his wife slept in the house af­ter they had both ar­rived on the same day. He bor­rowed th­ese from his un­cle Mfanawendlela Khu­malo and claimed he needed to use th­ese in dig­ging a pit la­trine toi­let.

“I gave him the hand-pick and ham­mer af­ter he told me he wanted to dig a pit la­trine and it never clicked to me that the plan was to dig a grave,” said Mfanawendlela.

He is al­leged to have then mur­dered his wife, be­liev­ing by throw­ing the body into the ‘grave’ he was bury­ing all the ev­i­dence.

As some­one stay­ing in Manzini due to work com­mit­ments, Khu­malo is said to have then started vis­it­ing home from time to time and even res­i­dents en­cour­aged him in this ac­tion, with some telling him he was do­ing well by ‘re­viv­ing’ the home­stead which looked aban­doned af­ter the demise of his fa­ther.

Lit­tle did the com­mu­nity mem­bers know that Khu­malo, by fre­quent­ing home was up to some­thing. He was a com­mon fea­ture at home be­cause he wanted to see that no one tam­pered with the makeshift grave, where he had buried the body.


In one of the days he was at home, it is said he dis­cov­ered that part of the body was pro­trud­ing and it is be­lieved that dogs smelt some­thing was buried there. That was when he came up with a plan of dig­ging the body and dump­ing it to a hill sit­u­ated over 2km away.

It is be­lieved that he dug out the body ei­ther last Satur­day or Sun­day to dump it in the bush, only for com­mu­nity mem­bers to stum­ble on it last Mon­day.

He had hid­den the head in a cave un­der the rocks. Yes­ter­day, in an op­er­a­tion that lasted for the whole day, Khu­malo led the po­lice to where he had hid the head, which was a dis­tance of less than five me­tres from where the body was found.

it was found tucked in a cave un­der rocks where the mur­der sus­pect hus­band hid it

(Pic: Starsky Mkhonta)

HEAD FOUND: Sus­pect hus­band Muzi Khu­malo and his wife Gcinile Mh­langa (in­set).

(Pics: Starsky Mkhonta)

FACE OF A KILLER: The prime sus­pect Muzi Khu­malo lead­ing the po­lice to some of the scenes where ev­i­dence was col­lected.


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