Why the obese should eat six meals a day

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OBESE peo­ple should eat six meals a day, ex­perts say.

Greek re­searchers found eat­ing six small meals a day was bet­ter than three large ones.

They found more fre­quent eat­ing - while keep­ing over­all calo­rie con­sump­tion the same - led to bet­ter blood sugar con­trol.

Ex­perts at Athens Univer­sity Med­i­cal School tracked 47 par­tic­i­pants, who all had type two di­a­betes or pre­di­a­betes, for 24 weeks.

Pre­sent­ing their find­ings at the Euro­pean As­so­ci­a­tion for the Study of Di­a­betes con­fer­ence in Lis­bon, the study also found eat­ing more fre­quently kept hunger lev­els down.

Greek re­searchers found eat­ing six small meals a day is bet­ter than three large ones.


A bot­tle of wa­ter a day that boosts young­sters' 'good' bacteria may com­bat child­hood obe­sity, re­search re­vealed in June.

Wa­ter con­tain­ing a pre­bi­otic sup­ple­ment should make obese chil­dren a healthy weight af­ter just one year, a study found.

This is com­pared to a 17.6lb (8kg) weight gain among chil­dren re­ceiv­ing a placebo, the re­search adds.

Study au­thor Pro­fes­sor Ray­lene Reimer from the Univer­sity of Cal­gary, said: “Pow­dered fiber, mixed in a wa­ter bot­tle, taken once a day is all we asked the chil­dren to change, and we got, what we con­sider, some pretty ex­cit­ing re­sults - it has been fan­tas­tic.”

Pre­bi­otics are in­di­gestible food in­gre­di­ents, such as fiber, that act as fer­tilis­ers to stim­u­late the growth of bugs in the di­ges­tive tract.

Pro­bi­otics specif­i­cally in­tro­duce new bacteria into the gut.

Im­proves blood sugar con­trol and re­duces hunger The re­searchers, led by Dr Emilia Pa­pakon­stanti­nou, said: “Our 24-week weight main­te­nance study showed that us­ing a six-meal pat­tern in­stead of three­meal, while con­tain­ing the same over­all calo­ries, im­proved blood sugar con­trol and re­duced hunger in obese peo­ple with pre­di­a­betes or full-blown di­a­betes.”

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“There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Some­times brav­ery in­volves lay­ing down your life for some­thing big­ger than your­self, or for some­one else. Some­times it in­volves giv­ing up ev­ery­thing you have ever known, or ev­ery­one you have ever loved, for the sake of some­thing greater. But some­times it doesn't. Some­times it is noth­ing more than grit­ting your teeth through pain, and the work of ev­ery day, the slow walk to­ward a bet­ter life. That is the sort of brav­ery I must have now.”

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