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Start at Eriks­bergs­gatan 6 for the per­fect pre-retail cup and a sin­ful cin­na­mon bun at tucked away Satur­nus Café (see Lunch) with its lit­tle street ter­race, stripey walls and killer pas­tries piled up on the counter. Now you’ve wet your lips and padded your hips, let’s put them to work. Purses out, exit left and tot­ter down to the main drag Birger Jarls­gatan (B.J.) and head left to find #32 1: Plan ett / 23 01 33 / plan­ / with life­style and funk-tional furny, de­sign and home items. Parched? Con­tinue around the cor­ner for Hum­legår­den park views at Al­bert & Jack’s at En­gel­brek­ts­gatan #3 / 611 50 01 / al­bert­ / this small deli’s home bak­ing means it’s al­ways ram-jammed at lunchtime. On you go down B.J. and cross the street for #27 Nor­rgavel / 545 220 50 / nor­ / a Shaker-in­spired in­te­rior de­sign store with an eco twang. Exit right and where the road splits to be­come Nor­rlands­gatan turn right onto Brunns­gatan to dis­cover Pon­tus Frithiof’s / 545 273 00 / pon­tus­ / de­light­ful oys­ters and bub­bly menu on the left, and tai­lor AW Bauer & Co on the right at #4 (see Adv. Shop­ping). Opp. at #7 is Jus / 20 67 77 / / for some of Stocky’s most avant-garde fash­ion, like Swedish de­signer Diana Orv­ing plus in­ter­na­tional la­bel Ma­bel brands incl. Margiela. Re­trace back to Birger Jarls­gatan, head right and on your right at #23 is An­talis / an­ / for all the colours of the rain­bow pa­per and sta­tionery. Cross over to Ho­tel Sture­plan / ho­tel­s­ture­, carry on and you’ll pass the dis­creet en­trance to the up­stairs club Spy Bar (see Clubs). Fur­ther along, cross Sture­gatan to find the Sture­gal­le­rian / sture­gal­le­ Ta-dah! This smart mall doll holds multi mod fash la­bels, plus it’s home to Sture­hof (see Rest./smart) with ace out­door seat­ing just per­fect for a naughty nec­tar on a sunny day. Fight for that ter­race ta­ble, Ta­mara. Okay, post-pran­dial, zap through Sture­gal­le­rian and exit out the back and left onto Grev Ture­gatan to find a slew of fash bou­tiques like Swedish de­sign­ers Anna Holt­blad at #13 / 545 02 220 / an­na­holt­ / and opp. at #18 Filippa K / 545 88 888 / Lost track of time? Bet­ter nip to TRIWA at #13 / 070 140 89 57 / / to get your hands on a sleek lo­cally-de­signed and made time­piece. At the end of Grev you hit Hum­legårds­gatan, de­tour left to find cutesy Odd Molly at #13 / 664 43 00 / odd­molly. com / then teeter over the road to #14 DIS inred­ning / 122 025 61 / dis­inred­ / for some pretty in­te­ri­ors and lovely silk lamps. Push on for home­grown men’s style at Filippa K Man at #22 / 409 006 00 /, then pop next door to min­i­mal­ist de­sign den Granit at #20 / 462 66 87. Re­trace back to Grev Ture­gatan and keep head­ing up Hum­legårds­gatan to find Skindeep at #5 / 662 82 70 / / an ex­cel­lent mix of de­sign­ers and one of the best foot candy & bag selections in the city. Lunch? An in­sti­tu­tion since 1888, the gourmet mag­net Öster­malms Saluhall (see Stand­out Stores) has lots of food op­tions in­clud­ing seafood siren Lisa Elmqvist (see Lunch) or, if the weather is fine and you’re gag­ging for a nib­ble al­fresco, pull up a pew in the square at baby sis­ter Lisa på Tor­get. More retail? The Öster­malm An­tiques itin starts right here. Con­ve­nient!

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