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MB You say that in one good pro­ject the­re might be twen­ty di­sastrous starts. Can you tell me mo­re about it?

BS Yes, but it’s re­al­ly true. I ne­ver send anyt­hing out the do­or that I’m not a hund­red per­cent sa­tis­fi­ed with. It has hap­pened to cli­ents that I ha­ve restar­ted two weeks be­fo­re a de­ad­li­ne. But they use my na­me so it’s im­por­tant that I’m sa­tis­fi­ed.

MB Do­es the pro­ject ta­ke long­er ti­me then?

BS No, we work around the clock in shifts. De­ath is the on­ly excuse for not coming to the stu­dio. No nursing or stuff li­ke that.

MB You work a lot?

BS Yes. It’s dif­ficult to get paid for brainstor­ming so I over-de­li­ver most of the ti­me. But the po­si­ti­ve thing is that I usu­al­ly get free hands to do what I want. My cli­ents le­a­ve me alo­ne when I need it.

MB You don´t li­ke be­ing cre­a­ti­ve in a group. Are you all alo­ne when you are wor­king?

BS I think it is dif­ficult to sketch ide­as with ot­hers. I wait un­til my stu­dio is emp­ty be­fo­re I sketch my ide­as.

MB Ha­ve any di­sas­ters hap­pened when you lent out your pie­ces?

BS Un­ex­pec­ted things al­ways hap­pen, usu­al­ly with the lo­gistics. Most of the ti­me our sche­du­le is too tight. Not enough ti­me, even though we’re wor­king around the clock.

MB When you are descri­bing your­self in the ra­dio, you say that you are skep­ti­cal about he­te­ro­sex­u­al men between 18-80. What do you me­an by that?

BS Of cour­se I li­ke men, but they al­ways ha­ve an opi­ni­on and se­em to think they know what’s best for us wo­men. Espe­ci­al­ly in ad­ver­ti­sing. A lot of them can’t hand­le [that wo­men] ta­ke pla­ce and get mo­re po­wer. I think that we wo­men know what’s best for our­sel­ves. We’re not stu­pid.

MB What are your dreams or plans for the futu­re?

BS It would be fun to do mo­re ex­hi­bi­tions. I could not afford to in­vi­te all pe­op­le to my fashion shows. I li­ke mu­seums becau­se they are for eve­ry­o­ne. Eve­ry­bo­dy can jo­in when they wish or can. Not that I do not li­ke fashion shows. I lo­ve fashion shows - they are ma­gi­cal as thea­ters... It would al­so be fun to ex­hi­bit ab­ro­ad. The­re are a few who know who I am out­si­de Swe­den. I ha­ve re­cei­ved in­qui­ri­es. We’ll see what hap­pens.

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