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The Swe­dish fashion de­sig­ner Bea Szenfeld li­kes chal­leng­es, but de­sig­ning a dress ma­de of chee­se – the­re she draws the li­ne.

She is one of the top de­sig­ners in Swe­den. Ear­ly ad­op­ters li­ke Ma­don­na, Bjork and La­dy Ga­ga ha­ve di­sco­ve­red her hand­ma­de pa­per cre­a­tions.

You can see pie­ces of Bea Szenfeld’s la­test col­lec­tion Hau­te Pa­pi­er in La­dy Ga­ga’s mu­sic vi­deo G.U.Y. Even though the vi­deo has been wat­ched mo­re than 50 mil­li­on ti­mes on the In­ter­net, she is qui­te unk­nown ab­ro­ad. Are you wor­king on any ex­ci­ting pro­jects at the mo­ment?

I on­ly do one fun job eve­ry four ye­ars. I me­an, when I get to do ex­act­ly what I want. Ot­her­wi­se, I work with lar­ge cor­po­ra­tions. One fun pro­ject I’m do­ing right now is a col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Swe­dish Church. It’s fan­tastic! I ha­ve a lot of ti­me. No stress! You do both com­mer­ci­al and non-com­mer­ci­al pro­jects. How do­es it work? Do you usu­al­ly get re­quests or do you sell in your own ide­as? Most of the ti­me pe­op­le con­tact me, but so­me­ti­mes if I ha­ve an idea I al­so pre­sent to so­me­o­ne. Is pa­per your fa­vo­ri­te ma­te­ri­al or ha­ve you di­sco­ve­red any new ma­te­ri­als that you li­ke?

So­me ma­te­ri­als are not su­i­tab­le to wear. It is dif­ficult to ma­ke a dress of chee­se for ex­amp­le. I ha­ve been con­tac­ted by a lot of com­pa­ni­es that sug­gest odd ide­as. I was asked if I could do so­met­hing with toi­let pa­per for World Toi­let Day. My as­si­stants and I sket­ched ide­as in th­ree weeks, but it was dif­ficult to re­mo­ve the comic sen­sa­tion as­so­ci­a­ted with toi­let pa­per. Ins­te­ad we worked with the toi­let pa­per roll. We ma­de flo­wers in­spi­red [by] the sixties and used Swa­rowski crys­tals on each flo­wer. This sum­mer you we­re a guest on the Swe­dish ra­dio sta­tion P1 tal­king about your li­fe and how it is wor­king as a fashion de­sig­ner. We­re you ner­vous?

It was ter­rib­le! I’m just a re­gu­lar wo­man who wri­tes mes­sa­ges on so­ci­al me­dia and all of a sud­den, you’re On Air tal­king for al­most an hour about your­self. I’m glad that it’s do­ne. I ha­ve asked pe­op­le if they just sa­id it was good to be kind. I know one per­son who thought it was bad, but eve­ry­o­ne can’t li­ke me. The­re are pe­op­le who don’t li­ke the pa­per stuff I do eit­her.

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