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JASMIN STORCH Al­ways drawn to the mista­kes in li­fe. To the odd, the “wrong” and mis­pla­ced ele­ments.

Jasmin is ne­ver sa­tis­fi­ed, al­ways full of doubt and gets in­spi­red by de­pra­va­tion, the bound­less, pe­op­le full of flaws and hu­mor. Pri­son docu­men­ta­ri­es, “I shouldn’t be ali­ve”, pe­op­le who ha­ve li­ved in­te­re­s­ting li­ves and di­ed. Mu­sic. Food. Wi­ne.

JESSE LAITINEN Cur­rent­ly ba­sed in Stock­holm and Lon­don, Jesse was born and ra­i­sed in Karis in the south of Fin­land. Star­ting out as an con­struc­tion wor­ker from age 15, Laitinen took his first pho­to at age 25, and so­met­hing clic­ked.

When on set Laitinen al­ways go­es with his gut, try­ing to catch tho­se spon­ta­ne­ous mo­ments. He li­kes the fe­el of a world that is a bit dar­ker, yet sub­t­le and ele­gant at the sa­me ti­me.

JO­SEPH CULTICE His pho­to­grap­hy ca­re­er be­gan as a young rock‘n’roll-ob­ses­sed teen in Pho­e­nix, Ari­zo­na whe­re he was in­spi­red by his flo­or-to-ceiling KISS and Da­vid Bowie pos­ters and lots of me­sca­li­ne. His te­e­nage wa­ter bed dreams beca­me re­a­li­ty when he mo­ved to New York Ci­ty in 1990 and im­me­di­a­tely be­gan ma­king an in­ter­na­tio­nal na­me for him­self as one of the few le­a­ding mu­sic pho­to­grap­hers of the ti­me, who­se wi­de range of ta­lents al­lo­wed him to cross over in­to the ce­leb­ri­ty and fashion fi­elds. His first big bre­ak ca­me with Ni­ne Inch Nails, with whom he bon­ded im­me­di­a­tely over si­mi­lar aest­he­tics and vi­sion, and Ree­se’s Pe­a­nut But­ter Cups. He li­ves in between New York and Los Ang­e­les with his son No­mi Star, and a re­fri­ge­ra­tor full of kimchee.

MAG­NUS GJOEN Born in Lon­don to Nor­wegi­an pa­rents, Mag­nus stu­di­ed fashion de­sign in Lon­don and Mi­lan and worked for so­me of the gre­at na­mes in high fashion. Sin­ce lea­ving the fashion in­du­stry be­hind, Gjoen has had se­ve­ral so­lo and group ex­hi­bi­tions world­wi­de in­clu­ding the Saatchi Gal­le­ry in Lon­don. Mag­nus of­ten ques­tions the cor­re­la­tion between re­li­gi­on, war, beau­ty and de­struc­tion in his art. Whet­her he is ob­jecti­fy­ing wea­pons, ani­mals or the hu­man ra­ce it­self, sub­jects with the po­ten­ti­al to be ex­tre­mely de­structi­ve can be trans­for­med in­to beau­ti­ful yet fra­gi­le ob­jects of art. Mag­nus’ work ex­a­mi­nes pe­op­le’s re­la­tions­hips and pre­con­cei­ved no­tions of ob­jects, wan­ting us to see our per­cep­tions and miscon­cep­tions of beau­ty in a dif­fe­rent con­text. By shed­ding new light on past tre­a­su­res, ai­ming to ret­hink old con­cepts and re­in­ter­pret them, he ma­kes them con­tem­po­ra­ry whi­le re­tai­ning pie­ces from the past.

MA­RIE BRUNNBERG Stock­holm-ba­sed jour­na­list Ma­rie be­gan wor­king with Oda­lis­que Ma­ga­zi­ne in 2012. Her in­te­rest in fashion, art, mu­sic and de­sign has cha­rac­te­ri­zed her li­fe from a young age. She lo­ves ta­king bits of news to wri­te about, and she re­tells the sto­ri­es about cre­a­ti­ves she finds in­te­re­s­ting.

MA­RIE-FLEUR CHARLESWORTH Bri­tish fashion pho­to­grap­her who en­joys ex­plo­ring ana­lo­gue film pro­ces­ses and tex­tu­res wit­hin re­cor­ded vi­su­al in­for­ma­tion. Com­bi­ning this bro­ad spect­rum in fashion work with her pre­vious trai­ning as a ci­ne­ma­to­grap­her, she re­cent­ly ven­tu­red in­to the world of fashion film.

In ad­di­tion to pho­to­grap­hy and art direc­tion, Charlesworth cre­a­tes uni­que set de­signs for the oc­ca­sio­nal spe­ci­al pro­ject.

Cur­rent­ly ba­sed in Lon­don, she works as a Con­tri­bu­ting Pho­to Edi­tor for Pa­ris ba­sed Crash Ma­ga­zi­ne, yet plans to re­loca­te to Los Ang­e­les by ear­ly 2015 to furt­her expand her film work.

MAR­TIN PE­TERS­SON Stock­holm-ba­sed Mar­tin Pe­ters­son has worked with pho­to­grap­hy for as long as he can re­mem­ber. Focu­sing on beau­ty and pe­op­le, he is in­te­res­ted in de­tails and per­so­na­li­ti­es, con­trasts and ener­gy, mix­ing the clas­si­cal­ly beau­ti­ful with the dark and myste­ri­ous.

TSEMAYE OPUBOR In­ter­na­tio­nal fre­e­lan­ce jour­na­list and Stock­holm-ba­sed fashion sty­list, Tsemaye’s ear­li­est fashion me­mo­ri­es are of traw­ling le­gen­da­ry New York Ci­ty de­part­ment sto­res Saks Fifth Avenue, B. Alt­man and Lo­eh­mann’s with her grand­mot­her and gre­a­taunts. Tho­se re­tail ex­pe­di­tions led to a li­felong in­te­rest in fashion and aest­he­tics. Mu­sic is Tsemaye’s ot­her lo­ve, and she has hos­ted ra­dio shows in Ni­ge­ria, Swe­den and the Uni­ted Sta­tes.

Tsemaye is in­spi­red by Art Comes First, Isa­bel­la Blow and the fashion wri­ting of Cat­hy Ho­ryn, Ro­bin Giv­han and Suzy Men­kes.

MICHEL WIDENIUS Focu­sing on fashion and portrai­tu­re, Michel is a fre­e­lan­ce pho­to­grap­her living in Stock­holm. He has worked for va­ri­ous ma­ga­zi­nes in­clu­ding DV Mo­de, REVS Ma­ga­zi­ne, SVA Ma­ga­zi­ne, and Costu­me. He lo­ves to shoot black and white, ci­ting Ir­ving Penn as a ma­jor sour­ce of in­spi­ra­tion. Michel ne­ver le­a­ves ho­me wit­hout his Vans, the lo­ve of his li­fe.

MOLEY TALHAOUI The work of Moley is of­ten in har­mo­ny with the darkness and so­me­ti­mes the gro­tes­que, in a sty­le touching on na­i­ve­té but with a strong con­tem­po­ra­ry im­pact. The ob­jects in his pain­tings and drawings are most of­ten hu­mans with their bo­di­es in weird and un­com­for­tab­le po­si­tions. Moley’s work has been ex­hi­bi­ted in ci­ti­es such as Marra­kech, Lon­don and Co­pen­ha­gen.

PHILIP WARKANDER Hol­ding the first, and to da­te the on­ly, PHD in Fashion Stu­di­es, furt­her­mo­re on an in­ter­na­tio­nal le­vel Philip sha­res his ti­me between Pa­ris and Stock­holm. Warkander’s prin­ci­pal am­bi­tion in his work is to mer­ge the practi­cal pro­ces­ses of fashion with the­o­re­ti­cal and ac­a­de­mic per­specti­ves. As such he is con­ti­nu­al­ly in­vol­ved in pro­jects that aim to strengthen the links between aca­de­my and in­du­stry.

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