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sc: What is Ur­ba­ne­ars? oa: Ur­ba­ne­ars is a col­lecti­ve that sha­res the desi­re to bridge the gap between te­ch­no­lo­gy and fashion. As te­ch­no­lo­gy is get­ting che­a­per and che­a­per, we will see ma­ny ways that it will pe­netra­te our li­ves, and Ur­ba­ne­ars is the­re to per­so­na­li­se and ma­ke it a bit mo­re hu­man. sc: Who are you? oa: Asi­de from be­ing Cre­a­ti­ve Director and co-foun­der I’m a guy who en­joys le­ar­ning things by do­ing things. Usu­al­ly by wor­king with my hands, buil­ding things that requi­re pro­blem sol­ving. The­re is no bet­ter fe­e­ling than spen­ding a lot of ti­me on a pro­blem, and when you fi­nal­ly fi­gu­re out how to sol­ve it. Mmmmm, lo­ve it. And the mo­re ti­me you spend on a pro­blem the big­ger the re­ward on­ce you sol­ve it. sc: How did this jour­ney start for you? oa: To me a lot of things can be tra­ced back to snow­boar­ding. Be­fo­re that I was a troubled kid in a Swe­dish suburb. Snow­boar­ding took me out in­to the world, and slowly I found my pla­ce. A com­ple­tely new world opened up and it still kind of do­es. By the way, snow­boar­ding is still one of my fa­vo­ri­te things to do! sc: Ur­ba­nae­ars is clear­ly in­spi­red by ur­ban stre­et cul­tu­re. What is your re­la­tion to the sce­ne? oa: I’ve been in­to a lot of stre­et cul­tu­re ori­en­ted things such as ska­te­boar­ding, the ra­ve sce­ne, graf­fiti, et ce­te­ra. All in all, sub cul­tu­res and the pos­si­bi­li­ty to build strong re­la­tions­hips when eve­ry­o­ne in the room sha­res the sa­me pas­sion is so gre­at. I lo­ved it no mat­ter what ver­sion [of the sce­ne] it was. sc: Tell us about what in­spires you? oa: Ar­chi­tectu­re, in­dust­ri­al de­sign and engi­ne­e­ring. Pe­op­le who do things tho­roughly and with pre­ci­sion. A well-sol­ved pro­blem is one of the sexi­est things I know. All this re­flects in the art I li­ke. It’s al­ways ve­ry mi­ni­mal and graphic. Me be­ing Swe­dish pro­bably has so­met­hing to do with it :) sc: What kind of mu­sic per­son are you? oa: Te­ch­no and house. I’ts been my li­fe for a lot of ye­ars, and it sha­ped me in so ma­ny ways. Lo­sing my­self in mu­sic and get­ting in­to a tran­ce sta­te is de­fi­ni­tely one of the mo­re pro­found ex­pe­ri­ences I’ve ever had. I’ve al­ways li­stened to mu­sic whi­le wor­king and at our of­fice I’m usu­al­ly the one play­ing but ins­te­ad of play­ing tracks I kind of play mix­es due to ti­me restraint. And when do­ne pro­per­ly you can re­al­ly build a vi­be throug­hout the day and in the end you’re al­most dan­ci­ng when you le­a­ve the of­fice. I li­ved in Hong Kong a few ye­ars back, and tho­se ye­ars are ba­si­cal­ly the on­ly ti­me when I would DJ in pub­lic (a few ex­cep­tions of cour­se). The­se days I on­ly spin at ho­me. sc: What trig­gers your cre­a­ti­vi­ty? oa: Ma­te­ri­als! I’ve al­ways en­joyed buil­ding things, and that thing of ma­king ma­te­ri­als trans­form from one shape in­to anot­her is so re­war­ding. Lo­sing my­self in that pro­cess gets me go­ing. sc: What's go­ing to hap­pen for Ur­ba­ne­ars in 2016? oa: We've got big plans of cour­se, but I can’t re­al­ly go in­to the de­tails ot­her than that we’re mo­ving off the stre­ets a bit. Whe­re it's ta­king us I can’t you tell yet. I can tell you this much, we’re gon­na con­ti­nue with a qui­te he­a­vy flow of new pro­ducts. We lo­ve pro­ducts and pro­duct de­sign, so ex­pect new eve­ryt­hing! sc: Is the­re any par­ticu­lar ar­tist you want to col­la­bo­ra­te with? oa: Beck & Jung was a Swe­dish ar­tist duo who we­re pi­o­ne­ers in using com­pu­ters as tools. They’ve ma­de so­me beau­ti­ful ob­jects. I would lo­ve to bring tho­se guys back to li­fe for a col­la­bo­ra­tion. sc: Do you ha­ve any ad­vice for aspi­ring ar­tists out the­re? oa: Ta­ke pri­de in wor­king hard and do­ing things a litt­le bet­ter and mo­re tho­roughly than eve­ry­o­ne el­se. The­re are so ma­ny gre­at ar­tists out the­re that don’t spend that ex­tra ti­me to get things tight for a pre­sen­ta­tion. So ma­ny focus on the wrong things and ins­te­ad they miss the pre­sen­ta­tion or the am­bi­an­ce around what they’ve do­ne. sc: Ple­a­se re­com­mend so­met­hing! oa: Learn about cog­ni­ti­ve bi­a­ses! It’s been truly mind blowing to re­a­li­ze how dis­tor­ted our re­a­li­ty is thanks to the­se brain glit­ches. Self delu­sion is so­met­hing eve­ry­o­ne should learn about. Try the podcast "you­a­re­notsos­mart" and ta­ke it from the­re.

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