Odalisque - - Contents - Writ­ten by Mi­chae­la My­hr­berg Pho­to­grap­hy by Pa­tri­cia Reyes / Hall&lund­gren

OM: At what age did you di­sco­ver the im­pact your vo­ice has on pe­op­le?

SB: The first ti­me I sang by my­self. I was 12 ye­ars old and singing "My Boo" by Us­her for my class­ma­tes. Pe­op­le got a bit qu­i­et, may­be sur­pri­sed. That’s when I un­der­stood pe­op­le felt af­fec­ted by my singing.

OM: What do you do be­fo­re a per­for­man­ce? Do you ha­ve any kind of pre­pa­ra­tion ri­tu­als?

SS: Ac­tu­al­ly not... Well, I do re­al­ly li­ke to smell nice. I li­ke to be fresh and clean be­fo­re a show. I nor­mal­ly wear Bal­main or Thi­er­ry Mug­ler per­fu­me.

OM: What de­sig­ner would you rat­her wear on stage?

SS: May­be Gi­venchy. I al­so re­al­ly li­ke the de­sig­ner Craig Green.

OM: Your 25th birth­day is coming up. How will you spend it?

SS: Cry­ing at ho­me, ha­ha.. no, just kid­ding! I’m not su­re what to do, though. I might try to ce­leb­ra­te the re­le­a­se of my new re­cord at the sa­me ti­me. That would be a nice par­ty.

OM: What do you nor­mal­ly do on Sun­days?

SS: I ma­ke my fri­ends go to a bar with me, even though that’s nor­mal­ly not a pla­ce to spend Sun­days, but I al­ways miss the Sa­tur­days so I guess I’m try­ing to catch up.

OM: Who’s your best fri­end in the world?

SS: Oh... That’s a re­al­ly hard ques­tion. But I’d ha­ve to say my ba­by sis­ter, Sei­da­to. She’s 15.

Na­me: Seinabo Sey

Born: Stock­holm, 1990

Li­ves: Stock­holm, Gär­det

Oc­cu­pa­tion: Sing­er

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