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Por­tu­gue­se Au­to­ma­tic. Ref. 5001: Whe­re you go is en­ti­rely up to you. Af­ter all, it’s your bo­at. So if you’re in the mood for sa­iling around the world, away you go. The poc­ket watch mo­ve­ment of your Por­tu­gue­se Au­to­ma­tic with its se­ven- day po­wer re­ser­ve and Pel­la­ton win­ding will be on­ly too hap­py to ob­li­ge. Becau­se its pre ci­sion will al­ways na­vi­ga­te you re­li­ably to your des ti­na­tion. As­su­ming you al­ways ta­ke it with you.

iwc. engi­ne­e­red for men. Me­cha­ni­cal IWC- ma­nu­factu­red mo­ve­ment, Pel­la­ton au­to­ma­tic win­ding sy­stem ( fi­gu­re), 7-day po­wer re­ser­ve with dis­play, Da­te dis­play, Ro­tor with 18 ct yel­low gold me­dal­li­on, An­ti­re­flecti­ve sapphi­re glass, Sapphi­re- glass back co­ver, Wa­ter- re­si­stant 3 bar, 18 ct ro­se gold

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