9.30 Bach by Le Ban­quet Cé­les­te and Da­mi­en Guil­lon. 10.35 Nat­halie Stutz­mann con­ducts Bach. 11.25–12.55 Je­an Ron­deau and the En­semb­le Ne­vermind. 13.30 Da­ni­e­le Gat­ti con­ducts Mahler’s Fifth Symp­ho­ny. 14.45–15.50 Ivan Fi­scher Con­ducts Mahler’S Fourth Symp­ho­ny.

17.00–19.15 La Bo­hè­me by Puc­ci­ni. 20.30 Ce­ci­lia Bar­to­li, Si­mon Ratt­le and the Ber­li­ner Phil­har­mo­ni­ker. 22.00 Lang Lang And The Or­chest­re De Pa­ris. 23.30–

0.30 Avis­hai Co­hen With Strings. 0.55 Jazz Mix In Is­ra­el. 1.55–2.40 Les En­fants De Mi­les : Rob­ben Ford. 2.55– 4.23 Dan Tep­fer. 4.30–5.00 The Ama­zing Keystone Or­chest­ra plays the mu­sic of Qu­in­cy Jo­nes.

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