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Sieger Design created Mem for Dornbracht 11 years ago, reducing the bathroom mixer to the bare essentials, with curving, simplified forms. Now the luxury German bathroom brand is introducing a new series of finishes for this timeless tap: choose from chrome, platinum, platinum matte and Cyprum—a warm shade of rosy gold that derives from 18-karat gold and genuine copper. Dornbracht has also introduced several new products to the collection, including a freestanding bath mixer. Find Mem at Colourliving.

Sieger 家族在11年前為 Dornbracht 設計了Mem這個長期經典作品,用彎曲及簡化形式滿足衛浴的最基本需求。現在這德國豪華衛浴品牌推出了新的系列,為這個永恆的龍頭帶來新面目:以鍍鉻、鉑、鉑磨砂和玫瑰金、18K金和銅,發表令人驚艷的玫瑰金Cyprum 龍頭系列。Dornbracht還推出了一些新產品,包括一組獨立式的混合龍頭。

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