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B&B Italia 於 2015米蘭展發表了戶外系列,首次推出全布款的戶外沙發Butterfly,及渾圓的Fat- Sofa,均由Patricia Urquiola設計,針對戶外使用開發專利防水布料,製程中採緊密工法,全面防堵水分,布料的裝飾性也相當吸睛,從條紋排列、幾何圖形到花朵織紋,賦予此系列作品強烈的風格展現。 Featuring the outdoor series during the 2015 Milan exhibition, B&B Italia launches its first all fabric outdoor sofa collection Butterfly and Fat- Sofa, both designed by Patricia Urquiola. Patented waterproof fabric unique for outdoor use, the manufacturing process involves tight knitting techniques to prevent moisture while providing eye-catching decorative patterns including stripes, geometric patterns and floral weaves for a strong charisma of this collection.

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