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Appropriating Chinese painting tradition and materials like silk and metal, noted French designer Jean Boggio in collaboration with Franz creates a series of unpredictable but delicate jungle of decorative accessories between 2005 and 2012. The furniture series includes wooden cabinets, vases and table sets in bright, glossy colors such as turquoise paired with aqua green or indigo purple with bright yellow, incarnating a new Rococo trend associating Western and Chinese styles.

雕刻著中國山水、亭台樓閣的陶瓷傢俱,結合了漆木、絲綢、金屬等材質,是法國設計師Jean Boggio 在2005 年至 2012年間為法藍瓷操刀的的系列作品。漆木櫃、大花瓶和桌椅,以充滿法式想像和繽紛色調的形式躍然眼前,土耳其藍配湖水綠、靛紫配鮮黃等飽和搶眼的配色,融合東西方美學及天地人和諧共處的哲學,展現了中西合璧的新洛可可風潮。

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