Moment of Dawn


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Established in 1919 and endorsed by Japanese royalty, Okura’s famous designer Kazuma Maeda’s creation “Crane of Dawn” depicts elegant postures of red crowned cranes that are hand painted on ceramic to symbolize fortune and longevity. Using a special glazing technique to portray the break of dawn, Okura partners with Osakisyoemon to provide the transcedent natural lacquer finish on the ceramic art.

成立於1919年,日本皇室御用品牌Okura的知名設計師前田一馬作品「黎明陶額」,在白瓷上手繪丹頂鶴昂首、垂顏的優雅姿態,象徵吉祥長壽,背景以岡染技法詮釋黎明的絕美時刻,陶額為天然漆製漆器, Okura與日本輪島老舖「大崎漆器店」合作,柔和的漆器憑添作品的雅致底蘊。

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