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A diamond of purest color and clarity with an expert’s cut shines brighter. With the same thought in mind, Bowers & Wilkins, through seven years of time research and development, creates a series of works never seen before with the 800 Series Diamond speakers. Its brilliant performance allows almost matching the original sound. Thanks to technology and the acoustic engineering, the Continuum and Aerofoil cones provides a fluid and lively sound performance, especially for the alto and bass sounds. Through the slender exterior, turbine casing, and reverse curved wooden speaker mix, the casing provides a luxurious coat commensurate for this series.

一顆成色、淨度都堪稱頂級的鑽石,還有賴精湛切割,讓它更加璀璨閃耀。Bowers & Wilkins以同樣的態度,投注7年時光研發,打造出更勝以往同系列作品的800 Series Diamond 揚聲器。800 Series Diamond擁有更貼近原音的精采表現,得歸功於科技、工程、聲學的全方位創新,特別是在中音、低音單體的部分,因分別啟用全新的Contionuum 音盆和 Aerofoil 音盆,使得聲音表現真實而動人。而外型部分,透過修長形體、渦輪外殼、反向曲面木質音箱的搭配,為這件臻品提供了相稱的奢華外衣。

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