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Gone are the huge, unwieldy vacuum cleaners of the past, thanks to Miele’s Scout RX1. This robotic vacuum cleaner is sleek and tiny, armed with precision navigation and spinning side brushes that enable it to reach under sofas and into dusty corners. Meanwhile, its integrated gyro sensor prevents it from colliding with or damaging your furniture. Scout RX1 operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, allowing it to clean a floor area of around 1,600 square feet with each charge. The intelligent device will head straight for its charging station when the juice runs low—and it can even tackle stairs.

德國 Miele 新推出的 Miele Scout RX1吸塵器,讓又大又笨重的吸塵器成為歷史。這款圓形掃地機器人體積迷你、配備精確導向系統和旋轉刷毛,可以輕鬆清潔沙發底下和難掃的角落。另外內建的陀螺儀感測器可以防止吸塵器碰撞傢俱。吸塵器使用鋰離子充電電池,每充一次電可以清潔大約1,600平方英呎的面積,電量低時還會自動移往充電器,連爬樓梯也不是問題。


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