Man won­ders if the chores will lead to more hanky-panky

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DEAR AN­NIE: I re­cently saw the re­sults of a sur­vey that said the more work men do around the house the less sex they get. I have seen many com­ments in your col­umn from women who stated the op­po­site — that if a man did more around the house, he might “get more” in the bed­room.

I have al­ways helped out with cooking, mop­ping floors, do­ing laun­dry, clean­ing the bath­room, etc., and never once did I con­sider that the point was more sex. But this in­for­ma­tion con­fused me. I men­tioned it to my wife, who said, “Sorry.”

So, I asked an­other woman her thoughts on this sub­ject, and she said men would get more sex, but she had a lit­tle smile on her face that told me dif­fer­ent. An­other woman’s an­swer was “maybe, maybe not.” So what’s up with the con­flict­ing state­ments? Should I not help out as much?

— Con­fused Hus­band

Dear Con­fused: Cute. No. Like it or not, the amount you help around the house should not be tied to how much sex you get. You should help be­cause it’s the right thing to do, and, as a part­ner in a re­la­tion­ship, you should do your share. If it also makes your part­ner feel ap­pre­cia­tive and less ex­hausted, that of­ten trans­lates to more sex. But there are so many fac­tors that go into the de­sire for in­ti­macy that you’d have to dis­cuss it more thor­oughly with your wife to find out what she needs and wants from you that will make her feel de­sir­able and in­ter­ested.

We can guar­an­tee you, though, that if you watch TV while she does all the house­work, there is likely to be no sex at all.

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