Ma­lik goes off in an­other di­rec­tion

Which way will One Di­rec­tion go af­ter Ma­lik’s de­par­ture? 贊恩離開後, 世代將何去何從?

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Young teenage hearts all over the world were shat­tered when Zayn Ma­lik an­nounced that he was go­ing to leave the chart-top­ping Bri­tish boy band One Di­rec­tion. Ma­lik said that his de­ci­sion was be­cause he wanted "to be a nor­mal 22-year-old who is able to re­lax and have some pri­vate time out of the spot­light." His name im­me­di­ately be­came a top trend­ing topic on­line — #Al­waysInOurHe art­sZaynMa­lik. At the same time, the band an­nounced it would con­tinue its world tour, "On the Road Again," with­out Ma­lik. Plans also re­mained in place for the now-four­some to record an al­bum later this year. Zayn Ma­lik says he wor­ries that he's let One Di­rec­tion fans down by leav­ing the world-con­quer­ing boy band, but couldn't carry on in a role that made him un­happy. He had ear­lier pulled out of One Di­rec­tion's world tour, cit­ing stress. He told Bri­tain's Sun news­pa­per that "I did try to do some­thing that I wasn't happy do­ing for a while" to keep fans happy. He said he felt up­set that "I may have let them down in some sort of way … it's just that I can't do that any­more be­cause it's not real to me," he said. And he said his band­mates had been "re­ally sup­port­ive" of his de­ci­sion.

"For kids now, it's truly the equiv­a­lent of if one of the Bea­tles would have left at the height of their suc­cess," said Rolling Stone Se­nior Writer Brian Hiatt of Ma­lik's de­par­ture. One mid­dle-school teacher said the day was among the tough­est in her ca­reer as teen girls ran out of class in tears. But while it may be sad news for Ma­lik's fans, his de­par­ture isn't nec­es­sar­ily bad for the band — at least not im­me­di­ately. The re­main­ing four mem­bers have con­cert dates sched­uled through Oc­to­ber and they prom­ise a fu­ture for the group. For One Di­rec­tion, be­cause all their mem­bers are vo­cal­ists, it will be eas­ier to ab­sorb the loss. The band's only choice now is to con­tinue with four, Hiatt said: "I can't imag­ine, un­der any cir­cum­stances, them re­plac­ing him."

One Di­rec­tion formed in 2010 af­ter five teenagers — Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Ho­ran, Louis Tom­lin­son and Ma­lik — au­di­tioned in­di­vid­u­ally for the Bri­tish TV tal­ent show "The X Fac­tor." One of the judges, Simon Cow­ell, had the idea of putting them to­gether as a boy band. They didn't win the com­pe­ti­tion, but they went on to score hits and win young hearts around the world with their perky pop and cheeky per­son­al­i­ties. The four re­main­ing mem­bers say they will carry on as One Di­rec­tion.

"They still want to do it for a while," Ma­lik said. "I think they're go­ing to be cool." Each mem­ber has his own fol­low­ing, with Styles and Ma­lik ar­guably the most popular. Cow­ell said in a state­ment that One Di­rec­tion fans "can rest as­sured that Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis are hugely ex­cited about the fu­ture of the band."

It's too soon to say which way One Di­rec­tion, or Ma­lik, might go, but mak­ing a clean split was a good first step, writes Ja­son Lip­shutz, an as­so­ciate edi­tor at Bill­board. "Zayn's exit from One Di­rec­tion is painful be­cause it means some­thing has ended, but it would have been vastly more painful to ap­proach the next few months with a sense of un­steadi­ness," he says. "Now, Zayn is gone, and One Di­rec­tion can move on." 對於贊恩的粉絲來說這可能是個壞消息,但他的離開對於 1世代不一定是件壞事,至少不會產生立即的負面影響。其餘 四位成員的演唱會行程已排到今年十月,而他們也承諾這個組合將會繼續下去。由於 1 世代每位成員都是主唱,因此其中一名成員離開的損失不至於無法彌補。1 世代現在唯一的選擇,就是以四人形式繼續發展,希亞特說:「無論在任何 情況下,我都無法想像他們會找人取代贊恩。」

1 世代在二○一○年成軍,成員分別為哈利、連恩、奈爾、路易和贊恩,他們分別自英國電視選秀節目「X 音素」的海選中脫穎而出。當時的其中一名評審賽門考威爾,有意


賽,但卻陸續唱出多首熱門歌曲,以活力十足的流行音樂風 格和壞壞惹人愛的個性贏得世界各地年輕人的心。剩下的四位成員表示,他們將以 1 世代的組合繼續在樂壇闖蕩。

贊恩表示:「他們還想繼續努力一段時間,我覺得他們 沒問題的。」每位成員都有自己的粉絲,而哈利和贊恩可以說是最受歡迎的。考威爾在一份聲明中表示, 1 世代的粉絲可以放心,因為「連恩、奈爾、哈利和路易都對樂團的未來 發展感到興奮不已。」

《告示牌》雜誌副主編傑森利普秀茲寫道,對於 1 世代未來會如何發展,或贊恩將何去何從的評論都言之過早,但分道揚鑣是不錯的開端。他說:「贊恩離開 1 世代確實令人難過不捨,因為這表示有些東西就這麼結束了,但若是樂團 一直處在一股不安定的氛圍之中,接下來的幾個月將會更加難熬。現在贊恩確定離開, 1 世代也就可以繼續前進了。」

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