2 dried tofu prod­ucts tested for il­le­gal in­gre­di­ents


The Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion ( FDA, ) re­ported yes­ter­day that two dried tofu prod­ucts have tested pos­i­tive for the industrial dye dimethyl yel­low ( ).

Fol­low­ing on from the 2014 dried tofu food safety scan­dal, FDA of­fi­cials re­ported two dried tofu prod­ucts have been tainted with the banned industrial dye, while an­other two were found to have ex­ceeded preser­va­tive lev­els, and a fur­ther one was car­ry­ing mis­lead­ing la­bels.

Wei Fang’s ( ) dried tofu in Jin­sha Town­ship, Kin­men and Guan­dong ( ) tofu store’s bean curd in Jhutian Town­ship, Ping­tung County are the tofu stores re­ported to have man­u­fac­tured prod­ucts with the il­le­gal industrial dye.

Wei Fang re­moved 690 kilo­grams of prod­ucts and was fined NT$ 90,000, while Guan­dong re­moved 180 kilo­grams and was fined NT$40,000.

Ex­ceeded Preser­va­tive Lev­els

Tian Su Food Com­pany’s (

) Daixi dried tofu in Taichung City was tested and found to con­tain 2.118 grams/kilo­gram of hexa­dienoic acid ( ). The en­ter­prise is cur­rently ap­ply­ing for rein­spec­tion.

Ping­tung County’s Chia Chuan ( ) five spices dried tofu was tainted with 0.97 grams/kilo­gram of ben­zoic acid ( ) . Chia Chuan re­moved 1.8 kilo­grams of tainted prod­ucts and was fined NT$105,000.

Fake La­bel­ing in Taichung

Sa Chia Hs­ing



food man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pany had been la­bel­ing its tofu prod­ucts as con­tain­ing phos­phate (

), yet in­ves­ti­ga­tors found the com­pany had failed to pro­vide a com­plete Chi­nese la­bel­ing of the phos­phate sub­stance. The en­ter­prise has an­nounced it will al­ter the la­bel.

New Taipei City’s Ji­unn Hwa En­ter­prise ( ) failed to reg­is­ter its an­tifoam­ing agent ( ). Ji­unn Hwa had al­ready been fined NT$30,000 last year and NT$80,000 dur­ing the cur­rent food safety scan­dal.

The FDA con­ducted tests on the fol­low­ing bean prod­ucts: tofu, dried tofu, bean curd skin, fer­mented bean curd, bean paste. Other tested in­gre­di­ents in­clude: dimethyl yel­low, di­ethyl yel­low, preser­va­tives, per­ox­ide and metanil yel­low.

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