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Many syn­chronic­i­ties of life brought me to Tai­wan an for the first time in Septem­ber em­ber 2011 and I felt im­me­di­ately edi­ately that it was the right place to cre­ate te my new com­pany. I rented a stu­dent room in Tam­sui and reg­is­tered my com­pany, pany, Wholis­tic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Ltd., at the French Cham­ber of Com­merce (CCIFT) CIFT) in Taipei.

My pas­sion and call­ing since around 30 years has been, and conon­tin­ues to be, coach­ing in­di­vid­u­als in com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the five sens­eses in har­mony with the five el­e­ments.s. I help peo­ple to learn how to hear the truth in their own voice and oth­ers rs in or­der to im­prove the qual­ity of their re­la­tion­ships and health.

I started my pro­fes­sional ac­tivvity in Tai­wan with peo­ple whom I met in the street, in the mar­ket, in food places (like Lutetia, An­cre café, Chamkar), depart­ment stores, s, public events (RedRoom) and through the wide busi­ness com­mu­nity of the French Cham­ber of Com­merce.

My ap­proach is to ask peo­ple who would vol­un­teer to in­tro­duce them­selves in one minute in any lan­guage and I would give them feed­back of what I heard. Any­one ny­one could hear the truth as all health and com­mu­ni­ca­tion chal­lenges are ev­i­den­ti­dent in a per­son’s voice.

Then I of­fer to par­tic­i­pate in work­shops or by pri­vate ap­point­ments, to learn how us­ing eight sim­ple af­fir­ma­tions could help check and re­store bal­ance in any chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion. I also of­fer to join a com­plete train­ing pro­vided on my or­ganic farm in France dur­ing a three-week Sum­mer Camp or in Tai­wan dur­ing the rest of the year.

The pur­pose is to re­con­nect peo­ple to the five el­e­ments and to learn how to use one’s own voice as a GPS in life. My clients in Tai­wan are CEOs and board of di­rec­tors (Car­refour…), po­lit­i­cal lead­ers (am­bas­sadors…), en­trepreneurs, uni­ver­sity stu­dents (NCCU…)(NCCU ) and pri­vate indiindi vid­u­als …. ev­ery­one can ben­e­fit from my ap­proach to im­prov­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and health.

But why did I choose Tai­wan? Mostly, I feel that we are fac­ing se­ri­ous chal­lenges.

The worst virus in the world, called BwE (Busi­ness with­out Ethics) has al­ready se­verely in­fected the Amer­i­can food, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal, agri­cul­tural, me­dia, ed­u­ca­tion, po­lit­i­cal, and jus­tice sec­tors, to name just a few. Main­land China is ex­posed to the same deadly virus so it is ur­gent to make rad­i­cal changes to save the planet and hu­man­ity. We can­not play games any­more … it is time to stop play­ing “Mo­nop­oly”“M like kids and grow as adults.adul

Sales and man­age­menta tech­niques, based on lies and ma­nip­u­la­tions with pseudo-logic,ps fear, flat­tery,fla af­fec­tiv­ity, buy-inbu and pulling-in, are nowno push­ing the clients and em­ploy­eesem away. Peo­ple are look­ingloo for re­spect, joy, faith, recog­ni­tion­rec and free­dom: the­sethes five “en­er­gies”, are in re­la­tion­rela with the five el­e­ments: earth,eart wa­ter, air, fire, ether … en­crypt­e­den in the tra­di­tional Chi­ne­seChin char­ac­ters.

Acupunc­tureA or nu­tripunc­ture (French acupunc­ture with­out nee­dles),n helps to re­store the fivefi el­e­ments in re­la­tion with the five main cou­ples of organorg merid­i­ans: stom­ach/ pan­creas,pan kid­neys/blad­der, lungs/colon,lung heart/small in­tes­tine, liver/gall blad­der.

MostM com­mon health and com­mu­ni­ca­tion­com chal­lenges, such as headaches, jet­lag, al­ler­gies,aller neck pain, can be pre­vent­ed­pre or healed us­ing eth­i­caleth coach­ing and veg­e­tar­ian food with­out drugs or any in­va­siveinv treat­ment. The three life driv­ingd forces “money, fame and power,” are chang­ing to “health, hap­pi­ness and love.” “To be” is more im­por­tant than “to have,” in the end, we can only take with us what “we have given”. I feel we have a po­ten­tial so­lu­tion. Tai­wan is the only coun­try that can lead the world to­day in bring­ing new ethics in busi­ness. There­fore, it is ur­gent to train Tai­wanese coaches to serve the crit­i­cal needs of China … and the rest of the world. I be­lieve in Tai­wan, I am op­ti­mistic but con­scious about the big changes to be made now by ev­ery­one.

I see many signs of ad­vanced eth­i­cal be­hav­ior here: There are no beg­gars in the streets and no armed po­lice in the metro sta­tions. Chil­dren, women and the el­derly are safe to walk any­time in clean streets, (the garbage col­lec­tion sys­tem is great). At the mar­ket, most peo­ple know which veggies are in sea­son and prices are never bar­gained for. Veg­e­tar­ian food is be­com­ing more popular. Also, rich peo­ple are tak­ing public trans­porta­tion and YouBike (in­stead of ex­pect­ing ev­ery­one to have a car).

More­over, peo­ple are al­ways ready to help oth­ers and more than 70 per­cent are in­volved in char­i­ta­ble ac­tiv­i­ties. Up to 60 per­cent of work­ers are en­trepreneurs. The new Tai­wanese lead­ers are fur­ther gen­er­at­ing lead­ers not fol­low­ers. Regular earth­quakes and ty­phoons are cer­tainly re­mind­ing ev­ery­one that life is the only valu­able present an in­di­vid­ual has. Tai­wanese ex­press their grat­i­tude ev­ery month with var­i­ous re­li­gious street rit­u­als.

Tai­wan will not re­sist the ex­pected third global fi­nan­cial crash … but the real value and strength of Tai­wan is the hu­man­ity and the kind­ness of the Tai­wanese in­hab­i­tants.

At the same time, I feel the re­la­tion­ship be­tween France and Tai­wan is magic. Within around 30 years, French and Man­darin will be the top two most com­monly spo­ken lan­guages in the world (Man­darin 8 per­cent, French 8 per­cent, Span­ish 7 per­cent, English 5 per­cent). Man­darin has a spe­cial con­nec­tion with the diplo­matic and ro­man­tic side of the French lan­guage. The com­bi­na­tion of both fa­cil­i­tates healthy com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the world and health.

I am happy and hon­ored to share my ex­per­tise and con­trib­ute to Tai­wan be­ing an ef­fec­tive world leader of ethics in busi­ness.

I love Tai­wan, France and the world.

A group of civil­ians was re­cently given a VIP tour of a re­stricted mil­i­tary han­gar hous­ing AH-64E Apache he­li­copters with their chil­dren and for­eign care­givers. The in­ci­dent not only ex­posed se­vere lapses in lo­cal mil­i­tary dis­ci­pline, but also laid bare vi­o­la­tions of the Em­ploy­ment Ser­vice Act. The act clearly for­bids as­sign­ing care­givers work that is not within the scope of their du­ties, which is look­ing af­ter se­verely dis­abled el­derly peo­ple. This is symp­to­matic for 7 in 10 for­eign care­givers here, who work 365 days a year, ac­cord­ing to the Min­istry of La­bor, while 3 out of 10 are given one day off per month. But, what do you think?

Why don’t you share some com­ments on this shock­ing truth to be pub­lished in next week’s PrimeTalk? Send sub­mis­sions to com­mu­nity@ chi­na­ and in­clude your real name, na­tion­al­ity, con­tact num­ber, some pho­tos and a pro­file.

Cour­tesy of Jean-Loup Fay­olle


Fay­olle wants and to teach to how to use re­con­nect

peo­ple to the one’s own five el­e­ments voice as a

GPS in life.

Fay­olle gives work­shops to help check and re­store bal­ance in any chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion.

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